It is no secret that Facebook is working hard on promoting video content. Over the years, videos are getting a major push on social media platforms, and Facebook was among the first ones to realize the power of video content. Facebook videos will now autoplay with sound, it was officially announced on Facebook Newsroom today.

We know Facebook loves videos. They started pushing the reach of video based content, they started off with Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and even Snapchat-like ‘stories’ for Instagram and the Facebook Messenger. The company just loves visual content and there is no denying that. Over the past few months, Facebook videos are being auto-played. However, following today’s update, the videos will soon begin autoplaying with sound too!

So far, while scrolling through your feed, if you come across a video, it would begin playing in the background, but there was no sound on them. Now Facebook videos which autoplay will also feature sound. This might not be a feature that all users appreciate, as it can sometimes be quite annoying. Facebook says they have been testing this feature for a while now and they have received positive feedback on the same.

How to Disable Facebook Videos From Autoplaying Sound

For those who do not appreciate this new update from Facebook, users can easily turn off the sound that autoplays. There are two methods to do this

  • If your phone is on silent mode, Facebook will not be able to override that and play sound.
  • Users can also head over to settings on the Facebook app, and turn it off manually.

The video-push continues with Facebook Videos now autoplaying sound too. Content creators will now need to think of ways to grab the viewers’ attention by playing a catchy audio in the beginning. Do you like this change? Comment below and let us know on how you feel.