Facebook is a social media giant and an absolute juggernaut when it comes to advertising online. The company has brought forward many major changes in the markets of technology as we know them to be, and is a major force in the industry. The company has been working hard on bringing forward a large number of changes in the way things function. The major factor that separates Facebook from many other names is the fact that it knows who the users are and how they use it. The company has now released a toned-down version of the Messenger, Facebook Messenger Lite, which is particularly aimed at the emerging markets.


Facebook has, as of now, released this app for Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. The company believes these are the markets with slower internet speeds which would benefit the most with the Facebook Messenger Lite. It is expected that several other countries are soon expected to get this app. Facebook has also released the Lite variant of their main app in the past.

Facebook Messenger Lite users would be able to use the basic features of the Facebook Messenger. They would also be able to send photos, links and text messages. However, the users of the Lite version of the Messenger would not be able to make video or voice calls. The users would also note be able to make payments via the Facebook Messenger, which is a feature that was recently introduced.

Facebook knows what the audiences go through. The company has been known to observe 2G Tuesdays, where employees voluntarily use slower internet speeds to get a first hand experience of how the users in nations with slower internet speeds access Facebook. The Facebook Messenger Lite would enable a much larger number of users to now actively use the app without the fear of excessive  data consumption, as well as faster load times.