Facebook has been constantly experimenting with their offerings and they have been introducing a number of innovative new features over the years. Their latest update brings a new feature to the Facebook Messenger. This is the Group Payments feature which has now been introduced. In the past too, you could make payments over the Messenger app, but those were one-on-one payments. However, now you can make group payments here!


This feature is quite cool and easy to use. It is especially beneficial if there is one person paying for a group’s use, and they can all pay back to the person using this feature. In order to use group payments on the Facebook Messenger, simply head to the group conversation, tap the plus button on the lower left corner, you would then see a dollar sign ($) there. Tap the dollar sign and you would be prompted will the appropriate payment options.

You can select the whole group or select a few people for these transactions. Specific amounts can be assigned to specific individuals, or the amount can be split equally among all the users. Following the transactions are made, a message would appear in the chat stating which users paid how much. Facebook ensures that this feature is safe to use and that there is no risk of data leaking out. The company states that these transactions are free of cost and there are no additional fees on them.

As of now the feature is limited to the Android and Desktop users in the US only. However, we expect the feature to be rolling out in more countries soon. The technology that powers the Facebook Messenger payments and group payments is soon expected to make its way into WhatsApp, as speculations had indicated in the past that WhatsApp plans to roll out a UPI-integration in India where payments over WhatsApp would soon be possible.