Facebook has been one of the most commonly used social networking sites. Facebook mentions is another platform by Facebook which is focused on public figures, It helps the public figures get closer to their fans and share stuff with them. The Facebook mentions app was first available on iOS platform back in 2014 and now it has finally arrived to Android operating system.

Facebook Mentions App for Android

Currently the Facebook mentions app is only accessible by Public Figures in the US with a verified Facebook profile and it will be soon available to figures in another countries. The Facebook mentions has a lot of features which will save a lot of time if you are celeb. You can interact with your Fans/Followers, you can share live videos with your Fans, you can check what people are posting about you on Facebook.

The Following are the Features of Facebook Mentions Android App.

  • Go Live – You can go live and tell your Fans what you are doing or anything you want to share with your Fans.
  • Talk with Followers – This feature of Facebook mentions enables you to look what people are talking about and the topics which you are interested in.
  • News From Following & Trending posts at one place – This feature of the Facebook mentions app brings you all the latest news/posts from the people you follow and the things of your interest at one place.
  • Tell your story – With this Feature, as a public figure, you will be able to start a conversation directly via Phone by posting status updates and sharing videos or even host a Q&A session.

On the other hand while Facebook has brought Facebook mentions to Android, Twitter has integrated periscope videos directly to Twitter, so no more links needed for interaction, The videos will be played on Twitter and interaction can directly happen on Twitter.

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