Recently Facebook launched the ‘Facebook Lite’ as the lightweight version of the Facebook android app. The new ‘Facebook Lite’ reduces the usage of mobile data. The basic idea of this app is to make Facebook available to people with slow and limited Internet connections.

Facebook Lite Android App.{adinserter 3}Though the basic idea is to make many features of Facebook available to people with slow internet connections, the secondary idea is making it available for people with low-end smartphones. Yes, availability for low-end smartphones! The Facebook Lite is only 1 MB in size, which implies that it would occupy less space and consume less RAM, which is the problem every low-end smartphone user faces.

We will soon review the app and get you more insights about the RAM consumption by Facebook Lite for Android.

Though this app won’t have all the features which comes packed in with the “Facebook Android App” but it will enable the basic functions like: “Posting a status, image, tagging friends on comments and statuses, messaging without messenger etc“.

This app has been launched in many Asian countries and would reach all the western countries soon. For now the app is not compatible with many devices. But soon it will be available in many countries with large device support.

Download ‘Facebook Lite For Android’

[appbox googleplay com.facebook.lite]

With the launch of this version it can be learnt that Facebook wants everyone to stay connected, without slow internet connection and low-end smartphone being a barrier to their connection.

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