Facebook has been among the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology. The company has, in a relatively short time, become one of the biggest, most popular brands and has swept the markets. Facebook is now looking forward towards bringing in smarter features to the mix. The company has now been introducing various updates for various users across the world. The latest update now comes to Facebook Albums, and to buy and sell forums on the platform.

Smart Replies for Buy and Sell Forums

Facebook has now been working on improving their platform as a place where uses can buy and sell things. This concept has been around for a while now, and Facebook is now working on making it smarter. Facebook now prompts the users with comments such as “Interested”, “Is this still available?” or “Do you have more?” among other similar prompts.

These prompted comments/smart replies have been observed by Facebook. The company knows that users usually make these comments on buy and sell posts. They now no longer need to be typed, but users can instead simply tap on these smart replies to post them as comments.

Facebook Albums Get Smarter

Facebook has been a platform which allows the users to share their experiences with their friends and family. The company has brought forward a large number of updates to many features. Basic features like Facebook Albums too, are now getting new updates. We noticed that Facebook Albums have now been given a small UI update.

Facebook Albums now appear in a slimmer frame, and interested users can choose to follow or unfollow them. Users can also turn on notifications regarding the album where they would be notified when new photos are added to the album or when users comment on the album. This is indeed an interesting feature.