What is Google Messenger?

Google messenger is an upcoming instant messaging app which would be soon launched by Google. Google, the search giant is planning to launch the messaging app similar to WhatsApp which it lost in the bid. Purchased by Facebook at Whooping $19 Billion.

Google Messenger

Well, It is an instant messaging app, you would have known from the above lines and the name as well. But is it the old Google Talk which is coming back? or is it the Google hangouts which is getting a new name? Yes I know there are lot of questions which are to be answered. Don’t worry this post is extremely written for the people who believe in Creativity and who thinks of some features which should be present in the Google Messenger.

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Come on, Here is the list of Expectations which people and developers want Google Messenger to have in it to make the messenger usable and developed better. So without wasting a minute let’s move inside the Expected Features of Google Messenger. People who aren’t interested in reading can simply see the awesome pictures below to understand what all features are expected.



Private, here means the the messaging data should remain private, Google should not have access to the messaging data and additionally the messages should be highly-encrypted so that other people having the database files can’t access the messages. Some people also prefer to have a Self-destruction feature (Available in Telegram)




Some people prefer that they could access their account on any platform, most of the messengers other than facebook messenger cannot be accessed from Desktop. We can’t use the same account on different devices in the same time in messengers such as WhatsApp and if we try to add our WhatsApp account on a Different device at the same time it will log-out of the first device, though this feature has many advantages as it may keep the users data secure but many people want that they could access their Google Messenger account using Different devices at the same time.

Free & Ad Free

Well most probably there are chances that Google messenger would be free to access but there are some chances that Google messenger might have some in-app purchase for extending the license for some years. Well, charging isn’t wrong when you are providing good services but the thing is as soon as the Free period expires people would shift to another messengers which would give them Free chat or Facebook messenger remains Free always for people!

Though Ads are a Good way to monetize the app or sites like we are doing on our blog, but people don’t like popups or seeing ads while they are using some app for chatting. The same is with Google messenger, People wouldn’t like using the Google messenger if it comes with Ads in it. Most probable that Google messenger will not come with Ads in it.

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Developer Access

Well, the Developer Access reminds me of the Android L developer preview which came a long time before the release of the Android L (Still not released) and people using Android L developer preview have helped Google to improve a lot in the upcoming release of the Android L.

Some developers are also keen to see an API which might be called as the Google messenger API so that they could make some modifications, make some good service. I still miss the WhatsApp API which was available before Facebook bought WhatsApp for the whooping $19 Billion. Google hasn’t said anything about this but this is an expectation which comes in minds of developers.

Limit Less (No Limits)

Some messengers like WhatsApp have many limitations which people would surely want to overcome, on such limitation is a groups on WhatsApp. In WhatsApp groups we can’t add more than 50 members. But there are many places where the sizes of Groups increase especially college groups, institutional groups etc.

One another thing which the WhatsApp messenger misses is maintaining the quality of images, You upload an image of 2 MB and it gets converted into an image of around 500KB or even less. Some photo freaks don’t like that and because of that they shift to some another alternate source for sharing the images.



Well People always prefer things which are secure and when it comes to messages, chats people become over-secured. Google has the habit of keeping the data with it, Google has the access to the mails we receive, Google has access to the place we are, though the information is not being misused by it but people don’t like it when someone has access to their messages. WhatsApp for Android doesn’t have access to data other than your mobile number, carrier and might be some other details but it surely doesn’t have access to the messages.

Privacy Options


Most of the instant messaging apps come with the facility of showing the “Last Seen” which also can be said as the last time you were seen using the app or last time you were available on the app, and the upcoming Google Messenger would also encompass this feature but when it comes to privacy many people don’t like other people seeing their profile picture, status and last seen. After the Facebook-WhatsApp acquisition WhatsApp had some extra additional features Google may implement the same features in the Google messenger and add some additional privacy features as well.

Conference Calling

Conference Calling is missing! Many apps provide us the facility of making calls for free but the thing is all those apps miss the feature of conference calling, conference calling can enable more than 2 people to talk on a Phone call at the same time. There are many tasks which require more than two people to be in voice-touch. If Google Messenger comes out with this feature then it would be a great for people who always have things to be done in groups and people could easily shift to the all new Google messenger.

Location Service


Google, the search giant is already having the Google Maps built by it and it can use the same in Google Messenger to provide the location as well as the direction. Suppose I have a guest coming at my place and they don’t know the direction they could use Google Messenger to get the direction and the correct way to reach my place, if I share my location with them.

Broadcast Messaging Service.

Well Broadcast messaging is already available in WhatsApp but Google can use the same Feature and give add up some extra features like Scheduled Messaging on Broadcast! So one could easily schedule “Good Night” and “Good Morning” messages. I wake up at 11.00 am in the morning and by the time I touch my messages I see a lot of messages saying “Good Morning” but couldn’t reply to them because of waking up late but I could have sent a message to all those people by scheduled messaging feature then it would have been great!

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