WhatsApp has been among the biggest, most popular apps when it comes to communication. The app has been bringing forward a number of changes and is constantly testing new updates. The latest such update was spotted by our friends at WhatsHash who were going through the WhatsApp database and they bumped into a table in the WhatsApp database which features ‘Business Profiles’. These WhatsApp business profiles have been rumored in the past but this is the first time they have been spotted.

WhatsApp Business Profiles Spotted in the WhatsApp Database

Let us take a look at what the database consists of, what it means, how they were found, and how would WhatsApp possibly use them:

Two tables have been found in the WhatsApp Database which point at the fact that WhatsApp business profiles are being developed by the app. Each of these tables consists of various components which are supposed to carry corresponding values once the feature goes live.

For example, under the first table titled ‘WA_BIZ_PROFILES’, we see components such as ‘jid, email, address, business_description, tag’. These components would allow the businesses to better represent themselves. In the second table ‘WA_BIZ_PROFILES_WEBSITES’, businesses would be able to add their website details.

How These WhatsApp Business Profiles Were Found:

Our eagle-eyed friends at WhatsHash were tinkering around the WhatsApp database to add some new updates to their tools. They came across this in the WhatsApp Beta version 2.17.299. They extracted the database using the WhatsApp Key DB Extractor app. It was after a look at this database that it came to light that WhatsApp is indeed beginning to prepare the much rumored and much awaited WhatsApp Business Profiles.

What is the Use of WhatsApp Business Profiles?

For those of you who are wondering where these business profiles will be put to use, the biggest reason for this feature is the use-case for brands. Brands are offering more and more personalized service with every passing day. While Facebook and Facebook Messenger have become effective tools of user to brand communication, Facebook is now looking into means of making WhatsApp into a tool for businesses to communicate with customers.

Imagine being offered customer service on chat. Facing a problem while making a transaction online? Unable to find a feature in an app? Not sure how to find the office of the business? All of this can easily be communicated over WhatsApp now.

Imagine the possibilities once you get WhatsApp business profiles and the ability to make transactions, it would empower businesses to even sell their products and services over WhatsApp. This isn’t just a benefit for the businesses, but even a lot of customers would be able to purchase and see products straight from WhatsApp. The possibilities are endless with the introduction of the WhatsApp business profiles! Stay tuned with us for more details as the story develops.