The ocean- a place where a person could feel relaxation, create happy memories, and give a sense of belonging. Many people view them as not just an area where water flow is endless, but also what they consider home. Thus, no wonder some people take being in the water a profession, specifically commercial divers, who get paid for diving.

Learning about the marine environment and the various animals that live underwater is not an easy task. Usually, you may face some strong waves, currents, decompression, and so many more. So, you must be geared up with the proper equipment to perform your job at your best if you are a professional commercial diver.

You must understand that diving equipment is vital to feel comfortable below the ocean’s surface and diving is not just about swimming through the ocean. Furthermore, any job will surely instill some risks just like other occupations. Thus, to help guide you in the diver’s equipment needs, continue reading down below.

Essential Diving Equipment For Commercial Divers

Dive Computer

Dive Computer

A dive computer known as a decompression meter is essential for divers to see the time they are diving, the depth of their location, and how much time they have to stay in depth. Therefore, dive computers are essential, and they are infallible.

Also, in choosing which dive computer, you must get, buy the one that would show you the basics at a single glance. Your dive computer should be easily readable since being underwater means that every second count is there. The common things you must distinguish in a dive computer are the maximum depth, the dive time, no-stop time, and the current depth.

Having a dive computer may be expensive, but it is worth the price you pay since it is more accurate than using a dive table. Lastly, divers or non-divers understand the dangers of immediately coming up too fast. Always be sure that you are within your safe limits with the help of a dive computer. Check out some commercial diving services in NSW for up-to-date services you might need in your next dive.


We can all agree that sometimes regular communication with our peers is also at risk of miscommunication or misunderstanding. But, how much more if it’s underwater? It would be more difficult to relay a message, especially if you do not know the basic hand signals professionals use.

Fortunately, Casio produced a new communication device that is a total must-have for scuba divers and commercial divers! It is called the Logosease, wherein it allows divers to talk or communicate with their scuba pals. Having this device is highly advantageous since it will enable you to communicate even if you are forty-five feet away, and you will dive a hundred thirty feet into the ocean.

As opposed to using hand signals as a mode of communication underwater, this device could solve most, if not all, problems in communication underwater. For example, you don’t have to be near your pals to convey a message because the scope of this device is also larger. This also allows divers to keep track of each other and not depend much on sight to make sure their colleagues are safe.

Submersible Pressure Gauge

Submersible Pressure Gauge

A submersible pressure gauge or SPG is one of the essential equipment divers need to survive under the water’s surface. This equipment is specifically designed to monitor the amount of air pressure left in a diver’s air tank. As a diver, you must know how much air is left in your tank since not all people can survive underwater for so long without air to breathe.

This device could be built in a dive computer discussed above, or it could also be separated. Using a submersible pressure gauge ensures their divers when is the right moment they could end their dive before their air supply gets low and eventually be fully consumed.

Communication Box

Communication is essential to underwater diving because there could be a lot of threats underwater. So, this box is usually used when divers are asked to dive in contaminated and polluted waters. Its mechanism helps in controlling the communication between the diver and the topside people who monitor the dive. Besides having an enclosed diving suit, they should be provided with the means to easily call for help when necessary.

Divers could also have a hardwire communication system with a topside communication box wherein there is a direct wire linked to the commercial diver, a microphone inside the diver’s helmet, and a set of earphones to allow them to hear the messages. Additionally, having a wired communication system offers the highest quality and degree of communication clarity and reliability.

Scuba Manifold Box

Scuba Manifold Box

A scuba manifold box is essential to be used in monitoring the diver’s breathing air supply. It is a device with one or more valves and gas outlets that comes with a scuba regulator connection. These are used to connect numerous diving cylinders with breathing gas that allows divers to stay longer in their deeper diving tasks.


Diving is a fun job, but it’s always best to be prepared and feel safe. Not to instill fear in anyone, but with the advancements available, every diver must be insured with this equipment since there could be negative effects on the human body when they are not utilized. You can refer to the information mentioned above for more insight.

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