Safe mode is a mode in which you can troubleshoot and the reasons for the problems which the Android Phone is facing, so that you can solve the Problem and get rid off it! In this guide I’ll be focusing more on “How to Enable Safe Mode in Android Phone” But to know How to Enable it one should know “What is Safe Mode?” after knowing that I’ll show some some guides which will enable you to put all the popular brands in Safe Mode.

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As mentioned in the Beginning of the post Safe mode is a mode through which one can troubleshoot the problems being faced in an Android Phones (Safe Mode is available for many type of operating systems but since we are focusing on Android Safe Mode it is used Android Phones) {adinserter 1}

For an instance Battery of the phone is not charging quick or taking more than normal time to get charged. There can be several reasons for that issue. Some favorable issues one can think of are : Spoiled Battery, Hardware Problem, External App Problem etc. So to figure out the reasons for the problem putting the Phone is Safe mode can help you track or troubleshoot the reason for the problem.

After Enabling Safe Mode you will see your Device in a Factory Mode, It will only have the Apps which came Pre-installed but as soon as you come out of Safe Mode you will get back all the External Apps which you Installed. Like you installed Facebook Messenger and many other apps, but as soon as you enter the safe mode all the External Apps which you installed will get invisible and you will see only the Pre-Installed Apps which came with your Phone. As soon as you Leave Safe Mode you will find all the other Apps in your Phone. So now I think you are Clear about What is Safe Mode? Aren’t you?

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The method to turn on Safe mode in Android Phones differ from Phone to Phone and manufacturer to manufacturer. I’ll try to cover all the popular Android Brands and will update the List as soon as I come to know more about the other Smartphones and if you own any Device and if we don’t add the device then you can send us the method or links related to it!

Turn on Safe Mode in Samsung Phones.

How to Enable Safe Mode in Samsung

Starting with Samsung as it covers majority of the Android Smartphone market, So to turn on Samsung Smartphones you have to simple Switch Off the Phone and while starting it again keep Pressing the “Menu Button” (Also known as the Left Button to the Home Button) till the Samsung Logo Appears and don’t leave it even when the Logo Appears. As soon as your Samsung Smartphone enters into Safe Mode your Phone will vibrate for once in the beginning and then you will see that the Safe mode has been enabled in your Phone, to again make it work normal “Reboot your Phone”

Turn on Safe Mode in Sony Xperia and other Jelly Bean Phones.


Enable Safe Mode in Android        Turn on Safe Mode in Android      Safe Mode in Android

Booting into Safe Mode is very easy in Sony and other Jelly Bean Phones when compared with Samsung. In Sony and Other Jelly Bean Android Phones, you have to keep holding the Lock Button and on pressing it for a long time, A Prompt appears asking you to click what to be done, Keep pressing “Power Off” button and again a prompt appears in which it will ask whether you want to boot or enable safe mode or not. Hit on “Ok” and you’re done! This method works fine for Sony, Micromax, Motorola and Asus Phones.

How to Disable Safe Mode?

Above mentioned “How to Enable Safe mode in Android”. Sometimes it may happen that you are not able to disable Safe Mode by Rebooting it. To Disable Safe mode in Android, follow the steps listed below :

  1. Turn off your Phone.
  2. Remove the Battery and Again insert it after 5 minutes
  3. Reboot your Phone (Start your Phone)

That’s it, You’ve successfully disabled SafeMode in your Phone, if you still face problems regarding How to Disable SafeMode, Put your Smartphone in Recovery mode and wipe cache and wipe Dalvik Cache and you will be out of the SafeMode for sure.

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