Few days back WhatsApp unveiled the Blue Ticks Feature and when we wrote a post which enabled people to Disable Blue Ticks in WhatsApp, One of them asked out what are Blue Ticks in WhatsApp? So this post is for all the people who want to know about Whats is Blue Ticks in WhatsApp and How to Enable it!

WhasApp Blue Tick

What is Blue Tick?

Well, Few days back WhatsApp released a Feature in which it added Blue ticks to the regular tick marks, The Blue Tick Feature enables people to know that the message sent by them has been read by the person to whom they sent. For an instance I send a message to a person and if the message is read by the Person then it would show a Blue tick at my side else it will show the other two ticks (depending on the reaching of message)

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Well, This Feature is really useful for the people who are interested to know whether the person whom they’ve texted is interested in them or not, For an instance, You text a person and if the person has read the message and if doesn’t replies to you, then it might be that the person is busy or sometimes it might be the case that the person wants to ignore you.

Don’t Confuse Between Read and Delivered State?

WhatsApp Blue Tick Second

Well, WhatsApp comes with 3 types of tick marks, namely a single grey tick which shows that the message you sent has not been received by the person whom you sent. The other one is the a Grey Double Tick mark, this signifies that the message has delivered to the person whom you sent but this was not showing whether the person has read the message or not, so WhatsApp Launched the 3rd type of tick mark called – “Blue Tick Mark” which enables people to know that the message they sent has been read by the user.

How to Enable Blue Tick in WhatsApp?

One of the visitor said : Many of my Friends are able to see the Blue tick in WhatsApp but I’m unable to see the Blue tick, How do I get the Blue Tick Feature on WhatsApp?

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Well, there is no big deal in enabling the Blue Tick Feature in WhatsApp, You can simply update to the latest version of WhatsApp and still not seeing the blue ticks when you send messages then there could be a possibility that the person whom you’ve sent the message hasn’t installed the latest version WhatsApp Yet or it might be the case that the person has installed the latest version of WhatsApp but hasn’t read your message.

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