What exactly does eco-friendly mean? Eco friendly technology is a term that means earth-friendly or something that is not harmful to the environment. This includes things such as organic cleaning products or solar lighting and an eco modern concierge. It also refers to reducing and recycling common home and office products, like cartridges for the printer.

How Eco Friendly Technology Change the World

Here are some new Eco friendly technology that just might change the world. Keep reading to know how technology that tracks bee communication to improve hive health with real-time data from here.



LifeStraw could help some or all of the 844 million people that don’t have full access to safe drinking water.  Inadequate hygiene, poor sanitation, and unfit drinking water are the cause of 80 percent of childhood diseases.  People who are living in poverty are at high risk of getting deadly illnesses such as Dysentery, Hepatitis B and Typhoid Fever.   

  • How Does it Work?

LifeStraw works by using a hollow fiber membrane which traps harmful bacteria and some other contaminants that are found in dirty water.  With the technology of LifeStraw, 99.9 percent of bacterias are flushed out through backwashing.

Cartridge Recycling

Thirty-four printer cartridges are put into a landfill every minute in Australia alone.  Plastic particles, carbon, and the coloring agents from ink and toner are bad for the environment and the earth can’t easily degrade them.  When cartridges are in a landfill they can contaminate water and the environment. Plus they take up valuable space inside the landfills too.

97 percent of an empty toner cartridge is able to be recycled and reused in newer and newer ways because of ink cartridge recycling schemes.  These are producing new products which are made from recycled ink cartridges. One of these new products is called TonerPrave which is an environmentally sustainable asphalt made from the toner powder that was extracted from a cartridge.  TonorPrave also uses recycled waste acrylics and tires. Another new product is called Enviroliner which is the first pen that utilizes ink from a recycled ink cartridge.

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar roof tiles are becoming more popular and able to be utilized more efficiently every day.  Solar roof tiles are Elon Musk’s idea. They work in a similar way to solar panels which turn the sun’s light into electricity.  These tiles can be put on your roof with any design you’d like. They are made from tempered glass and are three times stronger the typical roof tiles.

Smart Thermostats  

Heaters and air conditioners are key contributors to global warming.  This is because they can release harmful toxins. By installing a smart thermostat you can cut back on the energy your heaters and air conditioners use.  Smart thermostats have a motion sensor that knows when you leave the house and adjusts the temp accordingly.

A smart thermostat also monitors your daily habits and the weather forecast which allows it to keep your home temperature at optimal levels.

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