WhatsApp has been one of the best instant messenger for people owning Smartphones. Recently WhatsApp came up with a lot of new things, First came the “Blue Ticks” which allowed a person to know whether the message has been read or not. After the read receipts feature, The Web WhatsApp came into existence, which allowed people to chat with another person on WhatsApp using a Browser in a Computer system. After WhatsApp Web came the WhatsApp Call and materialistic design approach on WhatsApp followed the WhatsApp Call Feature and now hits the “Backup WhatsApp Chats on Google Drive”.

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If you’ve been using WhatsApp then you might be knowing that “the chats are encrypted and stored in your Phone Storage”, These backups help you to get back the conversations you made on WhatsApp when you install WhatsApp after uninstalling it. This was one way to keep your chats safe and secure. But what if you are changing your Phone? How do you take all the conversations on the new Phone, It’s simple but consumes a lot of time in transferring of the chat backups and restoring them in the new phone (and sometimes also gets corrupted).

Hence the new feature “Backup and Restore Chats from Google Drive” solves problems while you transfer device or lose your old device. Imagine a situation where you lost your old phone? Lost is lost, and in very rare cases you get it back. But there are some conversations which are not just simple conversations and might contain some important messages, be it “You proposing your Girl Friend” or “Be it a business message” or be it something which really means a lot to you.

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This new feature allows you to store your WhatsApp chat backups to the Google Drive of the Google Account connected to your WhatsApp account and not only backups but also allows you to restore the backup from your Google account.

How Do I get WhatsApp 2.12.45 Google Drive Backup Feature?

The WhatsApp version 2.12.45 isn’t still available on WhatsApp’s official site and neither is found on the Google PlayStore but can be downloaded from APKMirror. Once you install the “WhatsApp 2.12.45” on your Phone and set up your account on it, Follow the below listed steps to Enable Google Drive Backup Feature :

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  1. Install WhatsApp 2.12.45 (Download from the above provided link)
  2. Activate your WhatsApp account by entering your number and verifying it.
  3. Navigate to WhatsApp Settings -> Chat Settings -> Chat Backup.
  4. You’ll see a new activity which will be showing “your last backup time” and new options which will show a list of “Google Drive Settings”
  5. Change the Frequency from “Off” to “Daily/Weekly/Monthly” and you’ll be able to pick up a Google account for backup of your chats. Since the backup’s can be of large sizes google also allows you to choose whether “You want to backup only using Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

That’s it, Now your chats will be backup to the Google Drive of the linked Google account. There is no hint given by WhatsApp that in case the backup is got by someone else, How will WhatsApp protect unauthorized access even if someone else has the chat backup of some other person. I’m in Love with this Feature because, I have a habit of switching devices and because of switching devices I many a times lose all the important conversations that took place because, I’m very lazy to transfer backup from one phone to another, What are your views on it? Did you like it? Share this piece with your friends!

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