[OFFICIAL LINK] Remix OS 2.0 is now Officially Available for Download.

Remix OS.

We’ve been talking about the Remix OS 2.0 since 3-4 days and it has attracted a lot of Android and tech enthusiasts that they began downloading the leaked version and started testing the Android OS on their operating system and finally Remix OS 2.0 is officially available for Download.

Remix OS.

The Remix OS 2.0 not only brings the Android OS to your computer or laptops, but it also has made multi-tasking on Android OS better than it is. It is actually based on an old Android-x86 project. Though, it is not the OS which you can replace your desktop’s current OS with, but carry

It was previous rumored that it will be officially launched on 12th of January, Earlier today we saw Jide Releasing the Alpha version of the Remix OS 2.0 signified that it would launch the Remix OS 2.0 in a day or so. But while I was checking out for some tech stuff on YCombinator, I found this submission (mentioned in source) which has the official download link of the Remix OS 2.0.

Download Official Remix OS 2.0 [OFFICIAL LINKS]

I’ve downloaded the official Remix OS 2.0 File and it has the Remix OS and the Remix USB Installer which will help you installing the Remix OS 2.0.

Download Official Remix OS 2.0

Downloaded the Remix OS 2.0 Officially? We’re up with steps to Launch Remix OS 2.0 on your PC based on your OS.

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