The Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge have created a lot of buzz in the market. The curved edge of the Galaxy S6 Edge which resembles similar to the iPhone 6 has made people fall over the edge. Both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge have similar specs with some changes in the design.

Camera modes in Galaxy S6 EDge{adinserter 3}Samsung, the Korean giant boasts “Galaxy S6 as the most advanced Phablet till date”. Recently we posted about using the Galaxy S6’s Fingerprint scanner to lock and unlock apps using Fingerprint sensor, We saw a lot of people loving such inner tutorials and to keep their interest in the site. Here we are with a new guide which would enable a Galaxy S6 user to Download Camera Modes and use them while capturing images. Without wasting a second more lets begin with the steps to get some additional camera modes in Galaxy S6.

How to Download Additional Camera Modes in Galaxy S6?

The Galaxy S6 comes with 13 MP Rear camera and has a lot of Image processing done which makes people love the quality of the captured pictures. Camera modes help making capturing images fun and lovely and saves a lot of time by providing filters during the time we capture the Images. So let’s begin with the steps to add additional camera modes in Galaxy S6?

Step 1 : Open Camera App and Follow the below instructions.


The default camera app in the Galaxy S6 already comes with some camera modes to make photography fun, but who likes limits in this world with unlimited wants? Click on Modes located on the bottom left hand side and then a screen will appear with many camera modes with Download on the right hand corner [check screenshots]. Click on the Download button on the screen.

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Step 2 : Download the Additional modes you want.


On clicking the download button, you will be directed to the “Galaxy App Store” and here you will come across many modes. Free modes as well as paid modes, If you are really who wants to take photography to next level, then trying paid modes shouldn’t bother much. But in case you just want to play around with your phone, then trying free camera modes will be enough.

Step 3 : Capture Images using the Camera Modes Downloaded.


Once you complete the downloading of the camera modes from the Galaxy App store, it’s time to begin with your photography skills using the camera modes you added into the stock camera app. To access the modes and use them for capturing images. Click on modes button on the camera screen and on clicking it you will see the modes which you’ve downloaded for free/purchased.

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