Samsung ODIN is one of the most commonly used flashing tools among Samsung smartphone users. It is said that this tool was previously used inside Samsung service centers for flashing stock ROMs and stock recovery to Samsung galaxy smartphones. The tool supports all Samsung android smartphones and works fluently.

Although it is a great tool but this tool isn’t available on all the platforms, The Samsung ODIN supports only Windows Operating system. So if you are a Samsung smartphone user on another operating system then you might have learned that it isn’t supporting any other operating system.

Actually till date I wasn’t aware of the JOdin, a tool which allows Samsung users to flash stock ROMs, custom ROMs, custom recovery and root your Galaxy devices on a MacBook (OS X). The JOdin is a great tool, which looks very similar to the Samsung Odin and has all the functionalities which were present in the Samsung ODIN.

Topics covered:

Why use ODIN or JOdin?

If you’ve known or tweaked your android device using command line interface you might have faced a lot of problems, be it command errors or be it driver issues. A lot of users fail to select the path of the location where your ROM is stored. Not only that a lot of non-technical people using these tools end up either bricking their devices or end up with some other issue while using command line interface.

Few years back when I first rooted my android device i.e. Spice MI3, I ended up bricking with it and was unable to get that device back into working state, such issues are quite common to people who are rooting their devices or flashing a custom ROM without much technical knowledge for the first time.

These tools actually take care of a lot of things, these have a GUI and every click of a button performs a different action. Thus, you don’t have to type any kind of commands and don’t have to worry much if you are trying to follow any online guide without much technical knowledge about Android OS and the commands.

What is JOdin – ODIN for Mac OSX and Ubuntu OS & Web Support?

Widely acclaimed XDA developer Adam Outler, has recently developed JOdin3, the form of Odin which can be used by MacBook users as well. What adds to the charm of this fascinating flash tool is that JOdin3 is identical to Odin and can serve similar functions in Mac OS as well so as to produce the exact desired modifications in your Samsung Galaxy device and can even be used to root your smartphone faster than ever.

JOdin for Mac brings the easy to use interface on your Mac, before this tool, I used to create a bootable Windows USB on my Mac and used to download ODIN, and then flash the ROM or root my device or flash a stock ROM. However, that wasn’t a feasible solution. Then came JOdin to the rescue, This tool has just made flashing my Samsung smartphone easy.

The best thing about JOdin is, unlike Odin, JOdin is platform independent. So be it, MacBook (OSX) or be it Ubuntu OS, or be it even Windows OS. If you are someone who has good internet connection at home then this tool can also allow you to flash custom ROMs, stock ROMs, and various other stuff using the Web browser.

So say, you are on a vacation and the custom ROM you installed is malfunctioning, the ability to use the tool and access it via The Internet makes all the features of JOdin available to you using the Internet. Isn’t that great? So if you are so


  • Download the latest version of Java and get it installed on your Mac OS.
  • Download the latest version of Heimdall and get it installed on your MacBook.
  • Uninstall Samsung KIES if you have got it installed on your MacBook.
  • Download your task-specific file, i.e., root or recovery, as required.
  • Connect your Android device with your MacBook using the original USB cable for availing easy connectivity.
  • Download JOdin3 for Mac/Ubuntu/Windows.

Note: You won’t be able to flash large files using JOdin and in case you don’t install heimdall you might get an error saying, Heimdall not found, so it is recommended to have all the above things ready.

JOdin is built using Java and that’s the reason why you will require Java installed on your PC to run this wonderful app, in case, Java is outdated or isn’t installed properly, you might see that app isn’t starting or might break while running.

Steps to Install and Use JOdin3 on Mac.

  • There are two options available for getting access to JOdin3, i.e., either downloading its offline version or using it online.
  • Firstly, download the offline version of JOdin3 or make use of its online version.
  • Connect the Samsung smartphone to your MacBook.
  • Secondly, click on “PDA” tab.
  • Thirdly, choose your required .tar.md5 file. (Be it your root script or a mod)
  • Fourthly, switch your Samsung Galaxy device into download mode by pressing and holding the Power button, the lower volume button, the Home button altogether. Then, connect the device to your MacBook.
  • Then ensure that all options are unchecked or unticked barring the option for Auto-Reboot.
  • Finally, click on “Start” and you will be asked for the PTI file of your Android device.
  • After the process is initiated, abide by all the instructions to complete the process of flashing successfully.

There goes the simple and easy procedure of installing JOdin3 on MacBook and availing all its facilities, which is bound to bring a smile on the faces of all such Mac users, who prior to this, were deprived of availing all the facilities of Odin3. Do comment in the section below and let us know about your feedback.


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