CyanogenMod has been one of the best android ROM developer community. The community is the reason why a lot of phones whose “Update” support ended at Android JellyBean are still able to run the Android Nougat OS. However, because of bad decisions made by Cyanogen Inc., the CyanogenMod also came to an end. However, they’ve continued to develop ROMs under the name “Lineage OS“.

There are chances that you might not like the color scheme or the launcher theme which comes pre-installed with CyanogenMod. That’s why a lot of other app developers help you with ‘Themes’. The theme would change the way your smartphone looks, would help you do a lot of other customizations which would surely make you love the UI.

Best CyanogenMod Themes

What makes the Android system truly amazing is that it is really customizable – the users can tweak and play around with the OS in a manner that they wish to. CyanogenMod is one of the best third party ROMs of the Android OS. The CyanogenMod provides the users with the ability to use various themes. Let us now take a look at the best CyanogenMod themes

aCyanogenMod Themes by 93Akkord 


Among one of the best, and one of our favorites, 93Akkord comes with four themes, and it features support for the CM11 and CM12. These four themes are: Dark Holo (CM11), Dark Holo (CM12), Dark Holo Red, and Dark Holo 5.0. While the themes are pretty basic and simple, what is truly attractive about them is the red and black or red and blue color combinations they come with, which is truly pleasing to the eye.

Download these themes here:

CyanogenMod Themes by Idea Designs


The name itself spells it out – it is a design created with a well-thought out idea! The developer has worked on various themes for CyanogenMod, which include the likes of DarkOut (CM12), Britzer, Kaagaz, Pury and Dusk. Each of these themes feature a mix of dark as well as bright elements, offering all kinds of users something interesting and visually appealing.

Download these themes here:

CyanogenMod Themes by Kohlerwrrk


Themes developed by Kohlerwrrk are rather new, and the developer has been introducing a mix of classic as well as modern design into them! There are four themes under this developer: CoalField, Outray, SolidAlpha and Outlite. These themes run on the CM12 and CM13. The themes are priced between $1 to $2, depending on which theme you choose, and are quite minimal too.

Download these themes here:

CyanogenMod Themes by Mike xdnax


‘The new kid on the block’, xdnax has now grown and matured into one of the best upcoming themers. His themes are generally faded, and offer various color combinations. He has four themes, which are all dark, with four different color combinations – red, blue, green and gold! The blue version of the theme is free to download. The others, however, are priced in at $1.21. These are some of our favorite dark themes!

Download the themes by Mike Xdnax here:

CyanogenMod Themes by Mini Designs


Mini Designs feature 4 themes that work with the CM11, and are branded as IdeaL. These themes are inspired by the Android Lollipop OS, and provide a great blend of material design with the traditional Cyanogen design style. The themes developed by Mini Designs add an all new shine and gloss to the OS. The themes are all free to download!

Download the themes by Mini Designs here:

CyanogenMod Themes by Nucleoid 


One of the best developers when it comes to themes for the CyanogenMod, Nucleoid has been around the scene for quite a while now. When they introduced the ‘pop’ series of themes, their popularity burst into the markets. The Blue pop and violet pop are among the most popular themes by Nucleoid. In addition to these themes, the Kojack themes too, are quite interesting and provide the users with various color options. Nucleoid’s themes are usually around CM12.1, but also around the CM11 at times.

Download the themes by Nucleoid here: