If you are tired of using original whatsapp with limitations and looking for the advanced and moded version of one of the most popular messaging app. GBWhatsApp is one of the most significant choices you can trust upon. The app not only offers you speedy messaging services but also enables you to enjoy access over various other add-on features as well.

WhatsApp Mod rolled out many new features with its latest updates. It introduced the group calling shortcut in its Android version and may be in iOS as well, while its another feature which allows the user to unlock WhatsApp via their biometrics was added to its iOS version and it may come to Android soon. There are still a lot of new awaiting functions to be released in the coming updates.

When it comes to get out of the limitiations in whatsapp, many features that you wish to have then it comes with the mod  app of the WhatsApp known as GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. It has many top notch unlocked features that gives you freedom to control your privacy and customize you whatsapp themes or settings according to your need.

These mods are available for Android and iOS devices as well. You can download gbwhatsapp and install it easily on your device manually. For iOS devices it will be somehow difficult to install.

The Unlocked Features

  • Hide Recording Status
  • Hide Writing Tick
  • Hide Recording Status
  • Anti-Revoke
  • Customize your Privacy For Specific Contact
  • Inbuilt DND
  • Delete Multiple Messages
  • Inbuilt Message Scheduler for you
  • Customize your Status Privacy
  • New Emojis added
  • No Images Limit
  • Different Languages
  • App Lock
  • Bubble Patterns

There are many other features which are not included here but you can find them by installing the app and you will know how cool is that. The main features which you may love is regarding the privacy. You can control your privacy by your rules.

Get WhatsApp Modified App Free

For android user they can get it quiet easily and installation is also simple but for iOS they may feel some difficulty due to limitations on iphone users.

  1. Backup your data of your original WhatsApp in cloud or some drive.
  2. Get the GBWhatsApp Apk
  3. Install it in your Android device
  4. Enter you number
  5. Verify your number
  6. Restore the Backup and Enjoy.


It is the modified app for whatsapp which is third party app but gives a lot more features that you wish original whatsapp could have. It has same interface like original whatsapp but there features are different. It may not be secure because it’s a third party app but many user in the world are using third party apps on their devices.

So, what are waiting for. Just download the app and install it on your Android or iOS device and enjoy its cool and cool features which give you a full grip on your whatsapp settings and privacy as well.

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