So you want to be the next top fashion blogger or photographer on Instagram? That’s certainly an excellent plan for anyone passionate to earn fame and income through their Instagram blogging journey. But would you take the easy route and buy all your followers to gain that fame? Well, for any newbie, this might come as an easy and reliable option at the start.

But the drawbacks that come with buying Instagram followers are surely something worth considering before jumping into the dirty side of buying Instagram followers. Don’t get it? Well then, let’s go ahead and discuss everything about ‘why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers.’

Why Do People Buy Instagram Followers?


As mentioned earlier, buying Instagram followers is an easy way to reach the desired fame phase as a blogger. But, it isn’t exactly what happens when you do end up buying followers, as fake followers tend to make you end up in unwanted situations as a blogger. But before we discuss them, let’s discover why do most bloggers buy followers?

Any newbie blogger buys active Instagram followers to avail of recognition from brands and companies. This is a highly significant and equally challenging part of becoming a successful blogger. Therefore, most of the newbies consider that buying followers can help them get going with fake followers and earn fame easily.

Moreover, if we talk about the bloggers that have already achieved some followers, moving ahead and achieving milestones of thousands or millions of followers can be another struggle. This is manageable, though, if you buy gradual Instagram likes.

Besides, all this isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when you aren’t managing your content rightly. Hence, even then, plenty of Instagram users end up buying followers to pass that difficult phase.

What are the Drawbacks of Buying Instagram Followers?


Now that Instagram bloggers/users end up buying followers, they usually consider that things are settled and smooth for their blog/account. But wait! It’s the opposite, especially when you haven’t been able to learn how to gain organic followers at all. Do you know why?

It’s mainly because there are a few drawbacks that come along with buying fake Instagram followers. This includes:

  • Those fake followers wouldn’t engage in your content (which is a necessity to keep growing on Instagram)
  • The fake and real followers would end up causing a mismatched engagement, which in return, wouldn’t show enough traffic on your account.
  • With the mismatched engagement, these fake followers would also bring spam to your account. This means that they wouldn’t have any credibility, making your profile look like a spam blog/account to the real followers/viewers.
  • The more you buy fake followers, the more your account posts, and the content will have useless comments. Besides, fake followers are bots that wouldn’t know what to comment/write on your posts, making their interaction completely inappropriate.
  • If your Instagram account is about selling some product or service, then having fake followers wouldn’t help you make any sales or business promotions. Besides, those fake bot accounts wouldn’t want your makeup or cooking skills.



Coming to an end of the bad side of buying fake followers for your Instagram, let’s finally consider the fact that very few Instagram accounts gain popularity and familiarity from the audience.

The primary reason for that is the fake followers that most of the accounts buy, which is the story of almost every other account on Instagram. More on this, almost 95 million bots were calculated on Instagram in 2018. Hence, you only have the chance of getting familiar with your efforts if you wait patiently and gain only organic followers!

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