BA Digital Media is an undergraduate course that centres on mass communication and being a media professional. The course focuses on building essential skill-set, technical expertise and cultural awareness among other things.

It imbibes analytical skills, relevant industry knowledge and professional communication.

Some Interesting Digital Media Careers and Job Roles

A popular and rewarding field, BA digital media careers prepares one to enter sectors such as television, public relations, digital advertising, publishing, editing, journalism, corporate communication and more.

Get some interesting job roles that one can pursue with this degree are

1. Digital Marketer

The job of a digital marketer is to create various kind of communication strategies for the organisation. They have to look for different channels that the company can use such as mobile, social media, forums and more.

Creating marketing analysis report for client and company management to showcase return on investment (ROI) is also part of their job.

2. Copywriters

A copywriter is part of the creative team in a company and creates words, slogans and audio scripts for various advertising creatives.

They gain an understanding of the client’s message and brainstorm ideas to present it to the target audience. A copywriter has to be creative digital media jobs, dynamic and spontaneous.

3. Journalist

The role of a journalist is to stay up-to-date with all the latest developments, collect relevant data, verify it and then write news pieces on it. They later present that news in an impartial and balanced manner to the audience.

Role of a journalist is not limited to reporting events but ensuring that the masses are aware of every happening. They are responsible for influencing opinions and have a moral obligation towards society as well.

4. Screenwriter

A screenwriter is the one who researches original ideas and gives them the shape of a screenplay and a good digital media job. They can create a completely new storyline or just the initial framework for a story or even adapt an existing story into a script.

The role also requires meeting with film executives and pitching the idea effectively. At later stages, they are required to work with the director to edit or adjust the final work.

5.    Film-making

Those with B.A. in digital media can also pursue filmmaking as a career for which they will need relevant on-job experience.

Responsibility of a filmmaker is to carry the film from its initial development stage to the finished one. Their involvement begins with finalising the script, to casting, pre-production, production, post-production and release.

6. Digital Media Editor

The role of a digital editor is to create relevant and engaging content and images for the website. They research, develop and then apply web content that would attract the audience and help boost the business.

An undergraduate degree in B.A. digital media jobs can provide one with the right aptitude, knowledge and exposure to dive into a variety of popular fields and get the successful careers. This course is a perfect choice for anyone with a creative bend of mind who wish to turn their passion into digital media careers profession.

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