The Nexus series of smartphones are the apex definition of what every Android device should be like. Google, every year, comes out with a couple of Nexus devices, and they are the devices intended for users who are looking for the best Android experience. While the company is all set to release their gen-next Nexus smartphones in the months to follow, the demand for the 2015 Nexus smartphones too, is quite high. The 16GB LG Nexus 5X smartphone is now available on eBay at a price of just $199!

LG Nexus 5X

The LG Nexus 5X followed the footsteps of the LG Nexus 5 smartphone. Google and LG expected the device to do well in the markets, the device wasn’t as successful.  This was due to the price associated with the smartphone. Many users actually considered the Nexus 6P to be a much better device considering that the price difference between the two was quite less. However, at a price of $199, the Nexus 5X is a no-brainer!

Seller Mobilepros1, with a positive feedback of 98% is offering the device. Looking at his ratings, it looks a genuine and safe deal. The device being offered is a brand new LG Nexus 5X smartphone. It comes with intact packaging and all the official accessories. The device is priced in at $199, which gives the users a benefit of $150 over the marked price.

However, before making the purchase, one must keep in mind that this is the international variant of the device. This means that it comes without LTE Bands 12, 13, and 25. It should work well with most GSM carriers in the US, but the connection with T-Mobile might be spotty. In addition to that, this won’t work on CDMA carriers too.  The smartphone is available in the Carbon and Quartz color variants. The ‘Ice’ variant is out of stock already. To buy this device, head over to this eBay page.