Cyanogen Inc. is a US based company which is trying to re-image the mobile computing. There are very less chances that an Android Freak wouldn’t have heard about the Cyanogen. CyanogenMod is a part of Cyanogen which makes custom ROMs for devices. Recently it was seen that Cyanogen wants to take over Android using Android. Yes, Android over Android!

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Cyanogen has been developing Android ROMs since a long time and wants the users to stop relying on “Google Android”. It means it supports the Android OS but doesn’t want an Android user to rely on Google’s services and apps. Whenever one buys an Android Phone, he has to signup/sign-in using a Google account. The smartphone user isn’t able to uninstall some google apps he doesn’t use. Though the Google account helps a lot but many geeks don’t like sharing with google “where they are”, to “whom they speak on their phone” etc.

The US based Cyanogen is planning to setup its office in India within the next 3 months. The company is planning to setup offices in Bangalore and Delhi. Delhi being the capital of India and Bangalore being the tech capital of India, every company thinks of these cities first.  ET also reported that the Cyanogen Team in India would mainly focus on “Product Development”.

“India is very attractive. It is one of the hyper-growth markets for mobile today,” Vikram Natarajan, senior vice-president of global partnerships and distribution at Cyanogen, told ET.

ET has also reported that the company is willing to hire 50 or more Indians for the Cyanogen India offices, but the company would begin with a small team and begin expanding over the coming years. Well, Cyanogen has always been great with providing custom roms and has always tried to fulfill the users expectations. But coming to business based operations Cyanogen has most of the times spun from the decisions it made.

It recently broke-up with OnePlus and earlier it spun-off 2013 CyanogenMod from the Open source project. Now it plans to help Startups in India. It would focus on development of products which would help the startups to operate easily. Let’s see where does it go!

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