There are a hundred and one ways to contact Amazon, the number one e-commerce giant worldwide. You can contact them with any query linked to your account and this can be by email, live chat, by means of social media and you can also phone them.

Amazon does have phone numbers, and in fact, you can contact Amazon by calling their customer service phone number night and day, all week long. The number is 1-888-280-4331 or (800) 876 3804.

Their live chat customer service number is 1-800-876-3804 and their Kindle Support number 1866-216-1072. For instance, if you wanted to call Mexico’s Amazon, the number would be +52 55 4169 7182 and Europe’s Amazon would be 0800 496 1081.

Contacting Amazon

Open an Amazon Account

If you want to avoid any hassles and long waits when phoning Amazon, you need to have an Amazon account, complete with your mobile device number which is linked to your account.

This is because the person working at customer services will verify who you are by sending you a verification code by means of a text message so that you can start asking questions.

Mobile phone number accounts are those created using one of your mobile phone numbers as opposed to an email address. Once you have created an account, you use that particular mobile phone number to sign in on all platforms.

Sellers have their own number

If you are a seller on Amazon, Amazon Seller Support is there to help and you can contact them for support. Sellers have the means to get phone support from a trained seller support team who are available to provide solutions to your queries.

When you do research and you are looking for the Amazon Seller Central Phone Number, there appears not to be one, and the only way you can contact them is to login to your seller account and ask for a contact at this link.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon has also made provision with its Amazon Alexa so that you can call and message others. Known as ‘Alexa-to-Alexa’ calling, you can make calls and also receive them. With Echo devices, you can also send messages.

This is the Amazon app for Android and iOS and what is more the feature is free to use. For this feature, you will need an Amazon account, your mobile telephone number as well as the Alexa app.  With the app, you can, for instance, make calls to mobile or landline numbers in Canada, the United States as well as Mexico. You can also make and receive international calls between compatible Echo devices and the Amazon Alexa app.

Person-to-person telephone calls sought after

True, with advanced technology, telephone numbers are no longer the main means of communication they once were but it still has benefits, and one of these for Amazon is that it actually connects its many customers to a human voice so that they feel something will actually get done.

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