Life is not a cruise but has occasional celebratory moments. It is human nature to make blissful moments memorable. Planning your graduation, engagement, or wedding party can be overwhelming without the proper guidance. The complexity of blending decorative blooms and balloons with the party theme and guests’ dressing code is unparalleled. Do not fret. We have simple tips you can follow to spruce up your party.

Here are Five Factors to Consider When Choosing Decorative Blooms

1. Theme

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The theme sets the mood for the party. The theme you choose depends on the emotions you want to evoke. A perfect theme blends with the dressing code and decoration theme. Lively themes are suitable for weddings and graduations, while maternity leaves take a more laid-back theme. Themes you can apply range from bohemian to rustic. You can choose bright blooms that include carnations, roses, and tulips. Aim for a mosaic theme as a backdrop for the photo session.

2. Orientation

How you orientate your flowers depicts the wholesome experience your guests will indulge in. Horizontal orientation is ideal for occasions with many guests. A balloon garland is suitable for a horizontal orientation backdrop. Customizable and simple, we offer unique arrangements to match any party or event. We employ different orientations that do not mask your photos and the occasion’s theme.

3. Style

Blooms and balloons redefine conventional text styles. Whether it’s an ambigram or monogram, they employ an innovative style to delineate the party’s events. You can opt for a more brightly colored style rather than the monochromatic style for informal events. Our blooms and balloons style suit all color pallets. The unique balloon arrangement can act as the background for creating memorabilia. You can liaise with our style specialists to create bespoke designs to wow your guests and decorate your home space.


4. Freshness

Freshly colored petals with wonderful scents set an angelic tone in your space. Blooms and balloons are fresh decorative style options that you can never go wrong with. Adequate preparation entails choosing the freshest decorative blooms.

A salient aspect to Consider when choosing fresh decorative blooms is wilting. Almost always, wilting flowers emit funky odors. We source fresh flowers and treat them with utmost care so that they evoke tranquil moods and fresh smells in your decorative space.

5. Portability

Bouquets are a special way to tell someone you think about them and appreciate them. Putting your flowers in a box and sending them and they still maintain their freshness and design is a daunting task. A carefully packaged bouquet excites your recipient. It is imperative to have the best wrapping for your special decorative blooms. We customize the packaging to your liking. Our packaging retains the freshness of recently plucked blooms and displays them in an inviting style.

Smart Home Systems

Blooms and balloons enhance the special moments in your life. Flowers set a tranquil mood and evoke blissful emotions. We employ different bouquet designs to customize your blooms to your liking. Our ethos is delivering blooms that meet our client’s needs. It’s time you spruce up your party for a memorable event. When you are happy, we are happy.

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