In this day in age, more people prefer receiving text messages over calls or emails. Calls are burdensome for agents and bothersome for prospective leads. Emails tent to be ignored and take up space in an inbox. Are you having trouble maintaining contact with your leads? Maybe you need to reignite your older leads and get them interested in your listings again.

Are you interested in more efficient software for sending texts to prospective sellers and buyers? By using all-inclusive software apps like drivebytechnology to boost your business, you make the process seamless for both you and your leads. These types of apps include a mobile marketing system that is perfect for organizing your CRM methods.

These kinds of software typically offer automatic lead updates, unlimited text message inquiries, a memorable short code for text messaging, easy data import from your website’s MLS system, social media integration, smart links in text messages, and more. These services can also update and evolve your current mobile marketing approach.

The first order of business is dedicating some time to customize your text templates because sounding robotic and generic might not work. Drafting various SMS templates to be sent to your prospects can make a real difference. Your leads are the people you are trying to engage with, so drafting a text that will get a response is your main goal. You may have your usual spiels and templates for different situations already stored in your head, but maybe your existing templates haven’t been garnering the business that you need to sustain success in the real estate business.

Here are text templates that you may not have considered using but can help improve your leads.

Targeting Buyers

New Leads and Prospective Buyers

“Is this [LEAD’S NAME]?”

This is a two-part template. Starting with a simple question like this will most likely generate a response from a prospective buyer who has expressed interest in a listing through an advertisement.

While waiting for a response, you can begin thinking of your next text. The second part of this template should start by introducing yourself and explaining that you are aware of their response to an ad on a certain listing. Afterwards, you can continue with an open-ended or yes or no question. Here is a sample template.

“My name is Jane Doe and I see that you have responded to the ad on [STREET NAME]. Did you get the information? / Have you seen the photos? / Do you have any questions?”

A prospective buyer only needs to answer with a short response which can give you an idea of their curiosity about a listing of yours.

Sneak Peeks on Listings

“Hi [LEAD’S NAME]! I see that you have expressed interest in [STREET NAME]. Text [KEYWORD] to [SHORT CODE] to receive images of the property’s interiors instantly.”

The reason that this text template works is because it saves prospective buyers the time it would take for them to drive to the house before a viewing has been scheduled. Giving them a sneak peek through a few images can let them know if your listing is one they are truly interested in.

Following Up on Leads

“Hello [LEAD’S NAME]! I am putting together my schedule for the week. Would you want to see [STREET NAME]?”

If you have a lead who has inquired about a certain property or home list, try sending a text that lets them know you want to make time for them in your schedule. This template is useful because it makes you seem more invested in their interests.

Open House Promotion

“Hey [LEAD’S NAME]! We are hosting an open house today for a property I think you would like on [STREET NAME]. Looking forward to seeing you here! – [YOUR NAME]”

If you want to get the word out to all your contacts about a new open house that you are hosting, a message like this can be a foolproof way of getting people to show up to the listing. It also does not give too much away to a lead but is a strategic way of getting them curious about a property you believe fits their style.

Open House Follow Up

“Hey [LEAD’S NAME]! Thank you for joining us at the open house on [STREET NAME]. Do you have any questions about the property?”

This text is especially good for buyers who have left their contact information at open houses and who you are certainly interested in a specific property that you have been overseeing. A follow-up text is key after a showing.

New Homes Hit Market

“Hey [LEAD’S NAME]! A few homes hit the market I think you’ll love. Would you like me to send the info? – [YOUR NAME]”

The reason this template works so well is that your leads can only know which homes just hit the market with your help. This wording hooks your leads and piques their interest. It also shows your leads that you are thinking of them and their personal home style

Targeting Sellers

More Information from Prospective Sellers

“Hello [LEAD’S NAME]! I just received your home evaluation request. Is there any more information you would like to share about your home? – [YOUR NAME]”

A text like this comes after a seller has already reached out. This can let sellers know that you are interested in all the necessary details that could be considered during their home’s valuation. It can give sellers an idea of how their home is valued compared to others in the area.

Updated Value of Home

“Hey [LEAD’S NAME]! A few homes just sold in your area and it’s likely changed the value of your home. Can I send you an updated estimate of its value? – [YOUR NAME]”

Why is this text effective? First, you are stimulating their curiosity by saying that homes are moving in their area and it might change their home’s value. Second, you are not asking if your lead is still interested in selling their home, but you’re simply showing them what their home is worth in today’s market. This text has the potential to gain immediate responses.

Setting a Sell By Date

“Hello [LEAD’S NAME]! Thank you for reaching out. If you could have your home sold by a certain date, when would that be?”

Your seller can get an idea of your timeline and give them the confidence that you will be able to meet their expectations. A template like this does not ask too much from a seller over text and only needs one short response from them, which makes the likelihood of a reply even higher. If they reply with a longer response, suggest a phone call to discuss further.

Following Up on Seller’s Intent

“Hi [SELLER’S NAME]! Are you still interested in selling your home? – [YOUR NAME]”

Before you shoot this one down, note that simple text messages are more likely to get the job done. Inquiring about a seller’s interest is important for you to keep yourself updated about their listing. Make sure to send this text message every 90 days or so since this is a key staple in the sales game. It shows buyers that you are still thinking of them and their property, without flooding their inbox. A text like this does not require a long reply, which can generate a higher response rate.

Keep these tips and templates in mind when upgrading your current mobile marketing approach. Building a strong set of personalized and effective text templates for your leads will be worth it in the long run and assure you higher response rates.

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