CM12 is almost out for most of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, Previously I posted regarding the installation of the CM12 Android Lollipop in T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 which was followed by installation of CM12 Android Lollipop ROM in Sprint Galaxy S5. Those builds didn’t contain much bugs and were able to keep the devices clean and bug-free.


I’ll be helping you install the CM12 Android Lollipop for Galaxy S3 which has a lot of bugs, such as SIM card not detecting, Mobile Data not working, WiFi not connecting and some problems like the HomeScreen turning black with some gravels (like pixels) on the screen. But still if you are someone who would like to test this ROM then here’s how you should install the CM12 Android Lollipop in S3.

How to Install Android Lollipop in S3?



As said above this tutorial is about installing CM12 Android Lollipop ROM in S3, it won’t be the normal TouchWiz Based ROM so if you think it is Android Lollipop ROM based on TouchWiz Framework for S3, then you are at a wrong place. So Let’s begin with the guide to install the Android Lollipop in S3


Before Beginning Let me tell you that the CM12 ROM is under-development, though many of the errors are solved but there might be some problems still existing (might be). According to the test I made, it was ok, but the main features such as SIM Card Detection, Mobile Data, WiFi was not working and for now have reverted back to the ROM which I was using!

Download :

This is just a short description on “Installation on Android Lollipop in S3”, so what you have to do is simply download the CM12 Unofficial Build for S3 and the Arter Kernel for S3 and if you have a rooted Galaxy S3, then reboot into recovery mode and install the CM12 Android Lollipop ROM First and then the Kernel, then clear the cache and dalvik cache and reboot into system. But do remember after installation of this ROM you won’t be able to all the tasks such as Calling, SIM card which were listed above. So I would just suggest, if you are a newbie then don’t try it!

[alert-announce]Disclaimer : Neither Droidmen nor the Author would be Responsible incase any damage is caused prior, while, and after the installation of the CM12 Android Lollipop ROM for S3.[/alert-announce]

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  1. Yes, Normally people take S3 has the International variant, in case it would have been a verizon or T-mobile variant, I would have mentioned it, Anyways thanks 🙂

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