Android Lollipop has been one of the sweetest Android updates till date, but there are many phones which either did not get the Android Lollipop update yet, or have become too old for the Lollipop update. But the Custom ROMs always make Android Users rejoice, Finally the wait is over as CyanogenMod has officially announced CM12 Nightlies for 31 Devices.


There were many Leaked CM12 ROMs which were available but most of the builds had lot of bugs, some didn’t work and some didn’t function properly which resulted in many other Custom ROM developers building the Android Lollipop based Custom ROMs.

The CyanogenMod Team also tells that the 85% of the work is done and is the builds are stable and would be ready till the end of this month. Here are some Features which are not implemented, but soon they’ll be implemented, The Features which are not implemented in the CM12 Release are :

  • Theme Engine
  • Quick Settings reorganization and customization
  • Quick Settings Ribbon mode
  • Navigation bar reorganization and customization
  • Sound panel customization
  • Lock-screen quick unlock

This build is based on Android 5.0.1 which is less buggy than the original Android 5.0 The CyanogenMod Team also announced the list of devices for which CM12 Builds are already built. There were 31 Devices Listed with their code names in the Post. Here’s the Image showing the list of the Devices :


So the above image shows the Codenames of the Devices for which the CM12 Custom ROM is available on the CyanogenMod Download Page. The Devices shown in the above image are : bacon, d802, dlx, e975, e980, evita, falcon, find5, flo, ghost, hlte, hltespr, jewel, jfltevzw, klte, m7, m7spr, m7vzw, m8, mako, mondrianwifi, moto_msm8960, t6, t6spr, t6vzw, serrano3gxx, serranoltexx, shamu, v500, ville, vs985. Many more other Devices such as Samsung Galaxy S Series i.e. Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 would get the official build soon.

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