Over the years the Chromecast users have been increasing by leaps and bounds, but the ease of use still remains a struggle. Google now looks forward to smooth out the process of using Chromecast to cast videos. With the number of users surging, Google wants to ensure users face no kinds of problem while using the various features it comes with. Thanks to a Chrome Dev update, we now know that Google indeed wants to fix things.

In theory, it should be easy to cast videos from the Google Chrome web browser on your phone to a Chromecast supported device. However it comes with a number of challenges. On most occasions the video quality would be poor. On other occasions, the battery would drain out at a much rapid pace. This has been a persistent problem over the years and Google is now working on fixing it with their latest Chrome Dev update.

This Chrome Dev update would allow Chrome to take the video content bitstream directly from the the web page and cast it to Chromecast when a clip is in full screen mode. This is expected to help improve both, the video quality as well as the battery life.  Simply put, Google will no longer be mirroring the entire tab (and low-quality video) on your TV screen, but would instead be making use of the Chrome browser to send the exact video stream to the Chromecast – leading in a better quality.

Those on the Chrome Dev channel can head over to “chrome://flags/#media-remoting” and then enable the highlighted flag. Following that, restart your Chrome dev, and you should now experience a better quality streaming along with lesser battery consumption. This is indeed a big update, and we wonder why Google took so long to introduce a change as simple as this!