Google Chrome, over the years, has become the most popular web browser in the world. The browser has been around for quite a while, and continues to improve with every passing day. What makes Chrome different from all the other web browsers is the kind of insight into the future it has. While Chrome 57 is the latest stable version of the browser, the next two versions of the browser are already under active development. In latest news, it has now come to light that Chrome 59 would get support for Animated PNG images.

Over the past few years, images on the internet have been evolving. Animated PNG images, (APNG images) are gaining popularity. They function in a manner similar to how GIFs function. However what makes them special is the fact that they support 24 bit images as well as 8 bit transparency. This makes them superior to GIFs in terms of graphic quality.

However, the APNG format is not as old and popular as other existing formats that have been there for decades. Though requests about adding animated PNG images to Chrome have been there since as early as 2008, Google has now been giving it an active thought, and it is all set to be a part of Chrome 59.

This was spotted in the Chromium website, on the comments section of a bug report. One person asked “Does this mean that Chrome will now have full apng support without extensions?” To which a Googler replied: Yes, Chrome 59 animates animated PNGs without requiring any sort of browser extensions.

Over the years there have been a number of browser extensions that help support the Animated PNG files on Google Chrome browsers. However, with this new update to Chrome, this would no longer be needed and the users would be able to treat themselves with a better visual experience.