The Google Chrome web browser is known for its updates. Every year, Chrome developers keep adding more and more features on to it. Chrome Custom Tabs too, were introduced not-so-long ago. Google has now introduced a minor change to the custom tabs on Chrome which makes life a lot easier for the users. In the past regular links could directly be opened in a new tab, but those with Chrome Custom Tabs opened in the same tab. With the Chrome 58 Dev update, this changes.

Chrome Custom Tabs were introduced in order to allow website owners more customization control including colors for the toolbar, exit and enter animations, etc. These tabs can also load faster as the web developers can choose to pre-load the content. This is catching up with devs at the moment, and before it becomes mainstream, Google has ensured users get the best of its use with the Chrome 58 Dev update.

Those using Chrome 58 dev can now long press a custom tab link, and will then see a pop-up giving them various options including opening the chrome custom tab link in a new tab, or in an incognito tab. The tab from which the users are opening the Chrome custom tab will now remain open instead of getting replaced by the custom tab, like it used to happen in the past. This is a small tweak but will give the users a great experience in the long run.

Google keeps updating the Chrome web browser very frequently. Yesterday, they released Chrome 57 Stable Channel update for the Windows, Mac and Linux users. The new browser update brings forward a number of security updates and minor tweaks which makes using Chrome a much better experience. In 2017, Google’s focus is on ensuring Chrome consumes as less memory as possible, and to make it a RAM-friendly browser.