The Google Chrome web browser is the most popularly used web browser on the planet. This comes with a justification. The browser has been so good over the years that users prefer using it. Chrome ensures that even the minutest of aspects of browser functionality are delivered to the users in a perfect manner. Chrome has now revealed that Chrome 57 helps reduce power consumption by throttling background tabs.

The Chromium Blog notes that often background tabs tend to consume a lot of power, and the more tabs you have open on your browser, the higher the power consumption may be. However, with Chrome 57, this issue is being addressed. Google has been throttling Chrome tabs for quite a while now to improve the efficiency of the browser. Google says that thanks to Chrome’s new throttling policy, Chrome 57 will delay timers to limit average CPU load to 1% of a core if an application uses too much CPU in background.

Google states that tabs that are playing audio or the ones maintaining real-time connections will not be affected by this change. Google says that this new Chrome 57 Throttling Mechanism results in 25% lesser busy background tabs. Google also dropped a hint for their future plans regarding background tabs, saying: background tabs to be fully suspended and instead rely on new APIs for service workers to do work in the background.

While Chrome 57 saves power, Google’s next big effort is likely to be in the direction of saving on the memory front. The Google Chrome web browser has been blamed of being rather cruel on the RAM as it consumes a lot of memory. Google is working on ways to improve this and to make the browser as light weight as possible. The Chrome 57 stable version was recently released, and efforts are now on the Chrome 58 Dev. versions.