The latest stable channel version of Google Chrome is out! Chrome 57 Stable Channel update is now rolling out for the users of Windows, Mac and Linux over the next few days. While a majority of the changes to the OS are yet to be fully realized as they are meant for the Chrome OS or the Android users, there are many welcome changes in Chrome 57. Let us take a look at what this new stable channel update brings to the table.

This update is numbered 57.0.2987.98, and the stable version has begun rolling out for Mac, Windows and Linux users. There are many user facing improvements, and a number of backend improvements too. Users will now be notified when a page tries to take them to a data URL linked to a remote server. Google Chrome 57 Stable Channel Update also brings in changes to the way Wikipedia pages are handled.

There was a bug in previous versions of Google Chrome rising due to handling of the shelves which was leading to the browser crashing. This has been fixed. Another bug that has been fixed related to the placement of the pop-up windows. With the Chrome 57 Stable Channel now out, network crashes affecting the browser will now be logged in a more detailed manner.

A number of security related improvements too, have been introduced with the Chrome 57 Stable Channel Update. Many of these changes were pointed out by security researchers working with Google over their bug bounty program. These changes help make browsing a more secure experience on the Google Chrome web browser. At the moment we do not know when Google plans to release the update for other devices. Chrome 57 Stable Channel update for the iOS update too is expected soon, and it is all set to bring in a ‘reading list’ feature.