Google keeps updating the Google Chrome web browser from time to time. We usually get to see three to four major updates to the browser every year, while the developers and the beta testers are busy working on the next two to three updates are smooth. Last years’ Chrome 56 update was quite a critical update, following which many things improved. One thing that Google did not talk much about was its impact on 3D web graphics. Turns out that the browser has silently been working on improving the quality of 3D web graphics with the WebGL 2.0 standard. 

Google recently revealed that this improvement was a part of Chrome 56, and was brought forward for the users using modern day graphics hardware on their Windows and Linux PCs and Macs. The update is also coming for the Android users but no timelines have been mentioned.

Google says that with WebGL 2.0 on Chrome 56, a major API upgrade has been introduced which paves the way for better graphics, faster performance, new visual effects and more. Google also states that this update brings it at par with the Open GL ES 3 Spec that we see on mobile games. Basically this means that games could soon be ported for the Google Chrome browser without much of a loss when it comes to graphical detailing of the games.

While Firefox and Opera have had the support for WebGL 2.0 for some time now, the fact that Google Chrome has a larger chunk of the markets makes the impact of the update even bigger. Chrome hasn’t really talked much about this update until recently, and now that they have, expect even bigger changes to come out to this technology in the next few months as Chrome 58 and Chrome 59 updates follow. Have you felt any change in the way Chrome 56 handles 3D Graphics? comment below and let us know.