There are indisputable benefits of having a remote team. Remote teams are more productive, and they love the flexibility that comes with working from home.

There are some drawbacks, though. Time-zone adjustments, scheduling meeting times, and building camaraderie are all major challenges for companies.

You can overcome some of those challenges by using team management software. You can communicate, keep track of projects, and hold your team accountable.

Find out how you can pick the best team management software for your web development team.

1. Your Team Needs

When you’re managing big projects, you may find that you have different needs from a team management software solution.

For example, you may need a messaging solution to communicate with your team, a video solution for live meetings, and project management software.

Analyze your needs and where you can use the most help managing your team and projects.

2. What’s Your Budget?

You’re going to need to set a budget for yourself. While there are many types of solutions out there, you may have to invest in several solutions to meet your needs.

A budget will help you narrow down your needs and ensure that you’re not spending too much on software.

3. Take a Team-First Approach

You’ll find that a lot of project management software focuses on individual accountability. That’s a good start, but not all employees respond to this level of accountability.

They may feel that they’re being unfairly scrutinized or they can get lost in the daily management of the company.

You can introduce OKRs to your organization. This takes a team approach to define the objectives, KPIs, and results. The OKRs are also tied to the big vision of the organization, creating a way for your teams to understand why objectives are important.

An entire team is responsible, which can create a fun and inspiring environment. Everyone will want to do their job and not let the team down.

4. Look for Collaboration and Flexibility

There’s a good chance that your employees aren’t formally trained to be project managers. They may easily lose track of projects.

They may not understand how to best make use of a team management tool. A one-size-fits-all solution won’t work for your team.

You need something that can be customized to fit the needs of different team members. Your employees have different working styles, and customization lets you tailor a team management tool to accommodate each working style by small business mobile apps.

5. Security and Reliability

You’re going to be relying on a solution that runs in the cloud. You won’t have control over the security infrastructure.

You want to make sure that the solution you choose has a stellar reputation for reliability and security.

Finding the Best Team Management Software

It’s hard to manage employees and keep them inspired to work every day. You can make that a little easier by using team management software.

There are many solutions to choose from, which can help your team communicate better and meet company goals.

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