WhatsApp Groups have been one of the best place to spend our time in the virtual world, but before the Facebook-WhatsApp acquisition, it did not have a lot of features to mingle with, but these days we are seeing lots of improvements coming on how to change admin on Whatsapp.

The improvements comes a set of new Features as well. show to change admin on WhatsApp? as the title suggests, after reading this post you will be able to change the WhatsApp Group Admin.

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How to Change Admin on WhatsApp?

Well, the Latest update in WhatsApp brings in a Feature that could enable you to change the group admin, for an instance you are a group admin and you want your Friend to become, then you can make him the admin, but note, if you are not an admin of a group and want to change the Admin, then that’s certainly not possible for now.

Let’s begin with the Easy steps to change Group Admin?

To Change the Group Admin of WhatsApp, Download the Latest WhatsApp Version and then install it, if you already have the latest WhatsApp version installed in your Phone (Android/iOS/Windows/Blackberry/Nokia) then follow the below steps :

1.) Open WhatsApp
2.) Open the Group of which you are an Admin.
3.) Click on the Group Name (Top Part of the Screen)
4.) You will see a page where you will find, Group Name Editing option and the list of Members of the group.
5.) Long Press the name/contact of the person whom you want to make the admin and you will see, Add Person’s Name to Group Admins.

Some WhatsApp FAQs

That’s it, You’re done, you’ve successfully changed the WhatsApp Group Admin. Here’s some FAQ for WhatsApp that you should know.

1. I didn’t update WhatsApp to the Latest version but how am I able to change the WhatsApp Group Admin?

Well this update wasn’t the update which you do from the PlayStore, It was an update that took place from the Back end so even if you didn’t update your WhatsApp, you will be able to change the WhatsApp Group Admin.

But for some cases if you were having a slow internet connection then the back end update wouldn’t have taken place, so just go to the WhatsApp Download link shared above in this post.

2. I’m not an Admin of a Group but can I change the Admin?

As said above that this update only allows the Admins to change the Admin, if you are a member of a group you can see that happening but you cannot do it. This is to maintain the Decorum of Group wherein one Leader would decide, else there can be many misunderstandings.

3. WhatsApp Blue Tick Disabling?

Previously I posted a temporary solution to the WhatsApp Blue tick problem, but with the latest update you can also turn off the Blue ticks. Just go to WhatsApp Settings and Turn off Read Receipts, this way the person who texts you won’t be Aware of you reading the message or not.

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By Adding a new Admin will I get removed as an Admin ?

No, you won’t get removed as an Admin, how to change admin on WhatsApp, you and the person whom you added will remain as the admin for that group, previously it was only you who were the admin, now the newly added admin also will have the administrator rights i.e he can add or remove members in the group.

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