Every January, all eyes are on the Consumer Electronic Show as giants from all over the world come together to show off their latest technology. The CES 2018 event will be no different. While we usually get to see Samsung vs LG rivalry at the event, this time it’s all about the Google Assistant, as evident from Google’s ‘Hey Google’ branding efforts.

Google has usually maintained a low-profile role during the CES events in the past. However at the CES 2018 – the company is stepping up. Reportedly, the branding that Google is using all over the convention center where the event will be held is that of ‘Hey Google’ – clearly hinting that many announcements about the Google Assistant are on their way.

Those who check out the CES events every year would know that the CES 2017 was all about Amazon Alexa. Google has stepped up this time and their branding efforts clearly state ‘challenge accepted’. A Las Vegas monorail has now been plastered with ‘Hey Google’ written on it. Billboards all over the city are screaming Hey Google. We expect Google to make some major announcements regarding the Google Assistant.

Interestingly, a giant gumball machine has also been kept at the event with ‘Hey Google’ written on top and a screen on the bottom. Google has taken the fight right where Alexa declared it’s arrival – and it looks like they’ve outdone anything they’ve ever done in the past. Buildings decorated with ‘Hey Google’ all over the place, graffiti, video displays and giant LED screens all reminding you of the magic phrase.

Google has already been making various announcements regarding the assistant this year, including major integration related announcements. It is also expected that the focus is going to be more about announcements about the future of Google Assistant and how the gen-next integrations would be like rather than on sales of the Google Home and other similar devices which are already selling well as per Google’s stats.

Images: The Verge.