Cannabidiol, popularly known as ‘CBD’ has contributed a lot to the medical industry. It is constantly expanding its products and has made a significant mark in the market. Very prevalent and effective CBD marketing is on the rise, and there is no wonder why. Grabbing the attention of the consumers of the market is not a very easy job within such a short space of time, but CBD overcomes this challenge with ease. Plain Jane’s motive is to make Cannabidiol products more affordable and accessible. The goal is simple: to get the best products at the best prices. Plain Jane CBD introduces you to Cannabidiol marketing in 2022 and everything you need to know about it.

What is CBD?

CBD is a popular compound extracted from industrial hemp and cannabis. It is extracted by one of the two methods. It is either extracted by alcohol extraction or by CO2 extraction. The seed oil extracted is used in various products such as pills, gummies, vapors, pills, topicals, patches, etc., for several different purposes. It does not contain THC, which on ingestion or smoking, shows psychotropic effects. Hence, CBD does not provide a sense of euphoria, hallucination, or psychoactivity when consumed. It is the best option for managing anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

A few benefits of Cannabidiol

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  1. It interacts with neuroreceptors in your endocannabinoid system. This feature helps in regulating your movement, mood, and immune system.
  2. It treats epileptic seizures and reduces PTSD symptoms. For people dependent on opioids and addicted to them, CBD is the alternative and can help people avoid such cravings.
  3. It is also known to reduce the effects of high glucose in the body and ease diabetic complications.
  4. Arthritis involves the deterioration of the tissues in your body and is a common disease for older people. It was found to have a pain-relieving effect and can suppress disease activity.

Cannabidiol does not produce psychotropic or euphoric effects as THC does.

No fatal CBD overdoses have taken place. Hence, one can easily tolerate its doses. It is generally not addictive and considered safe to use. Though it is permitted in some states, there are places where it is illegal. As a result, you should always research the laws in your state of residence. And especially when you want to travel out, check out TSA policy on cannabis products. Many consider it the ‘miracle’ compound that doesn’t get you high. The fact that it can offer various health benefits without the psychoactive nature makes it one of the best products in the medical industry. It is an alternative to opioids, so people who use CBD could start curing their addiction to other substances. If the amount of THC in the product is high, you can fail a drug test.

What is the future of CBD?

Cannabidiol is a unique industry and is in a pivotal position. It currently offers a pretty wide range of products. The diversity of products will increase gradually as more companies introduce products that eventually benefit the people. The ability to market Cannabidiol as a safe and effective substance is somewhat limited for now. Once companies deploy it as a dietary supplement, it will gather more consumers and offer a range of topicals and ingestible products.

This step will benefit various supply chain components, including hemp farmers and labs that conduct the extraction. The price of raw materials will also decrease as the demand for Cannabidiol products grows. Public education about cannabinoids will help customers know more about their health benefits and effects. It will help the consumers feel more safe and confident while purchasing the product.

The future of Cannabidiol is bright. Companies need to self-regulate their products and give quality assurance to their consumers. Once the quality is improved, the companies will have compliant efforts to survive. Companies still have to navigate many unique hurdles, from marketing the right product to processing the product. If that happens, more growth will be visible in the market.

Marketing a CBD brand

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Marketing is the art of telling a company’s story to the right audience in the best way possible. CBD branding is delicate because it is necessary to differentiate your company from others. It should not violate the guidelines, laws, or regulations both by state and federal agencies. The truth is, marketing a Cannabidiol brand can be particularly challenging. CBD marketing begins by determining the target audience and understanding their expectations and fulfillment.

Now the question lies, why should a customer buy from you and not another company? An appealing unique value proposition is crucial for CBD’s Marketing strategy. One can achieve it by considering the customer’s distress points and how the brand can solve them. An engaging website can make a company stand out from other companies. The contents on the website should target the audience and should be appealing enough to make the customer crave the product. It should have a FAQ section on the page for knowing the products better. Marketing also includes email marketing. It is a great way to gain leads and convert them into loyal consumers.

Effective Marketing includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helps to generate traffic from search engines to the site. Using Affiliate marketing to reach buyers means more visibility for the products and increased interactions. The CBD industry will grow more and more in the upcoming years. More players will join the fray and increase the competition.

Challenges with Marketing Cannabidiol

While Cannabidiol is federally legal in various states, it is still under-regulated. Studies are taking place to determine pharmaceutical validity. The lack of resources to educate people about cannabidiol products remains a controversial issue. Many people still confuse it with THC contains a psychotropic effect and is a cause of suspicion.

Google Ads and Social Media have prohibited the advertisement of CBD products and proved it as “illicit” content.

Another major challenge faced by CBD companies is the issue of public perception. The misconception that CBD products will get them high just like marijuana is not true and is a false belief. Such incorrect assumptions negatively influence the consumer and can pose a challenge to Cannabidiol companies.

Companies also face challenges when it comes to payment processing and e-commerce. Many banks refuse to work with the company since it is a “new thing” in the market, so it challenges the company to ensure an easy payment method.


CBD Industry

As these rules keep changing, hopefully, it will get easier. Despite so many challenges and hurdles, cbd marketing companies are proliferating. It is constantly trying to educate the audience about the health benefits of using Cannabidiol and building brand awareness without aggressive selling techniques.

It is important to note that none of this is the slightest bit illegal or going against the rules. Ultimately, taking the correct steps by targeting the correct audience will help to grow. The competition will indeed become tougher but, the right marketing strategy will distinguish the company from the others. It will then propel it to the top of the pile by withstanding the heat.

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