Leaks in the world of smartphone technology are quite common. There have been a number of occasions where tipsters tend to leak information, or third party manufacturers or retailers end up leaking information. However, in some very unique cases, company officials accidentally leak upcoming devices. This seems to have happened with OnePlus as CEO Carl Pei might have accidentally leaked the phone on Instagram stories.

The OnePlus 5 appears on Instagram and gives us quite an idea on what it might look like. The phone features two large cameras on the back – a dual camera setup is seen in the picture. There’s a possibility that the phone we see in the image is actually the OnePlus 5 protected by a case as it looks quite odd. However we do know that the phone has dual cameras on the back.

Instagram Stories, which was a feature introduced last year takes on Snapchat’s stories feature has been around for a while now. Instagram had earlier stated that they now have more number of users using Instagram stories than Snapchat users using Snapchat Stories.

A couple of days ago, it was made official that the upcoming OnePlus flagship will be called the OnePlus 5. OnePlus has added an interesting back-story to this change of name, stating that this has been numbered after NBA legend Robert Horry. He used to wear a jersey with the number 5. Apparently a number of OnePlus employees are big fans of Horry and there are multiple portraits of him hanging in the OnePlus office.

The company also stated that the phone would come out in the summer of this year. It would be interesting to see what the OnePlus 5 comes out with. For now, we do expect dual cameras from the device. Stay tuned with us for more updates on this OnePlus flagship.

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