Since its launch, Call of Duty Warzone has been trending among players. You cannot deny that Warzone includes the best royale games with unique twists. And yes! COD is no easy feat to dive into. The game is terrific and tricky to play.

Everybody seems to be crazy about COD Warzone. It might be stressful if you do not end up in a win. You can take the help of that offers the Call of Duty Warzone hacks and cheats. The hacks are undetected with pocket-friendly pricing. The hacks help you excel in the game and mark a win at the end.

Warzone Guide

There is no guaranteed way to get victory in the game. But we have got you some tips and tricks to win Call of Duty Warzone. Here we go!

Go to The Battlefield Quickly

Go to The Battlefield Quickly

You can shorten the time to reach the battlefield by deploying the parachute. Getting to the ground quickly will help you find better equipment. It will save you from rivals who open fire to shoot during parachute drops.

Here, you can also get away with a few players before landing. Shooting rivals early increases your chance of winning. You will need to cut your parachute for a while landing. Use your gun to shoot your enemies before positioning the parachute again.

Get Familiar With Weapons

There are several guns in Warzone, and finding which weapon suits you the most is significant. Try to learn how to handle each gun type and how it operates. It will be of no good to get the drop on another player if you pull the trigger and expect a barrage of bullets. However, it will take only one pot-shot and blast off. You can pick the weapon based on your preference.

Acquire Loadouts

Using floor gears and weapons initially in the game, you can enhance your performance with specific load-outs. Try to get $ 10,000 cash to buy a Loadout Drop from the safest and nearest Buy Station. You will then have your custom weapon, perks, and equipment invaluable as the game progresses.

Remember! Whether you play solo or with a squad, acquiring the loadout should be your priority. However, do not stop looting after getting loadout. Instead, continue looting to collect more cash and gear. You can aim to get an armor satchel, cash, and more ammo.

Share Loot With Teammates

Share Loot With Teammates

Do not forget to share your finances with your squad. It is vital to your team to get you back in the game by purchasing the items from BuyStation. Make sure to have $4500 for making the necessary purchase. So, do not stop sharing.

Complete Contract Tasks

Contracts are the best way to make cash in Call of Duty Warzone. Multiple tasks are collecting either the loot boxes or killing a specific enemy. Contracts can reveal a rival’s position or show you how to get enough cash.

They also enhance your unique abilities or give you an insight into the shrinking zone before other players can see it. The only thing to remember is that a team cannot activate more than one contract at one time.

Use Ping

Ping is critical in Warzone. It is the best method to inform your teammates regarding your whereabouts. The ping will also mark your enemies, and you can trace them. Double-click the Ping key to caution your squad if an enemy is nearby.

Do Not Hurry

You should be careful while shooting an enemy. Do not mistake shooting an enemy as soon as you see them on screen. It is because shooting immediately will alert your enemy and inform them about your position. It will allow them to hide and prepare for retaliation.

Instead, wait for the moment when there is less cover left for the enemy to take shelter. Please ensure that your enemy does not have its squad nearby to come for a savior. So, avoid taking shots unless you are confident of the rival’s position.

Do Not Hurry


You might have understood that Call of Duty Warzone is not easy having multiple twists. But playing using the right tactics will end in a win for you. The above tips will ensure you hit the field with a bang and stand the competition.

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