India is among the biggest markets when it comes to smartphone technology. Google too, has acknowledged India’s status as a giant in the markets and has said on various occasions that India has massive potential. Google realizes India is the second biggest population of the world. However, the one thing that surprises is that despite the strength in user numbers, Indians aren’t transacting as much on the Google Play Store.


One of the common reasons why people don’t buy apps on the Google Play Store in India is because they don’t have proper payment options. The other reason obviously is “Not interested in spending money”. However, some people who really want to buy apps on the Play Store don’t buy it because of no proper payment options.

Google has finally understood this point, and to solve the problem and reduce app piracy, it introduced Netbanking as a method. But again came a problem, not all the people have a bank account and even if they have they are afraid to add it directly to the Google Play Store. In this

How to Buy Apps from Google Play Store Without Credit Card or Debit Card in India

Google has jumped in at the right time here, as India is now making more digital transactions than ever before, in light of the demonetization policy from the Indian Government. Let us take a detailed look:

1Internet Banking

While many users may not have access to credit cards or debit cards, internet banking has become one of the most common things and an overwhelmingly large number of people are using it to perform basic transactions online instead of going to the bank. Purchases can now be made on the Google Play Store via internet banking! This was introduced last year, and is an easy way to make transactions on the Google Play Store.

2Vodafone/Airtel/Idea Carrier Billing

Carrier billing is a concept that has been around the international markets for quite a while, but is a new innovation in India. This was introduced in India in late December. Basically it charges all your transactions to your carrier – basically, Vodafone and Airtel Postpaid users can make transactions with the Google Play Store and pay for them with their monthly Vodafone or Airtel bills or Idea Billing.

3Buy Google Play Store Gift Card on PayTM

With demonetization hitting India hard, a number of users have started adapting to digital wallets to make payments. PayTM has become the leading name in this, and Google, now allows users to create a Google Play Store recharge code using the PayTM app, which they can later go on the ‘redeem’ section in the Play Store, and redeem.

Basically, you pay to PayTM, PayTM sends you a code, you enter that code on the Play Store, and you’ll get the amount. PayTM is also offering a 10% discount till the 17th of February.


4Buy Google Play Store Gift Voucher on Freecharge

Another popular wallet app, Freecharge too, is running the same 10% promotion as PayTM, and works in the exact same manner. Users can choose either of the two services to transfer money to their Google Play Store account and purchase apps, games, or other similar entertainment content. Users can also make in-app purchases such as paying for a Netflix subscription. This has indeed made transactions with Google a lot easier for users based in India!

How to Redeem a Gift Card on Google Play Store?

Once you buy the gift card on Freecharge or PayTM, you’ll get the code. You can follow the below instructions and redeem the gift card you’ve bought from Freecharge or PayTM.

  • Note down the code or copy it.
  • Open Google Play Store > Menu (Three horizontal lines on left hand side)
  • Scroll down for Redeem option.
  • A popup will appear, enter the code which you got in Freecharge or PayTM.
  • You’ll see the amount of the gift card will appear, click on complete.
  • That’s it, you’ve successfully redeemed a Google Play Store gift card

Reasons for Not Buying Apps

  1. India is a cost conscious market
  2. Indians did not have enough payment methods to use on the Google Play Store.
  3. Why buy it, when I can get the same thing for free? (This is how some people think)
  4. Why pay for an app. (App is just an app, why should I pay for it?)

In the past, if you were living in India, and you wanted to make a transaction with Google, you only had the option of paying via cards – either a debit card or a credit card. However, in the past few months, many more options have opened up.