You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade your AK-47 in CS:GO. AK-47 Hydroponic is a relatively affordable and aesthetically pleasing design guaranteed to attract attention. It is as beautiful and deadly as nature itself! If you have a penchant for Japanese motifs, you will appreciate this eye-catching look with prominent wooden elements.

Background Information

Background Information

The skin appeared in the game in 2015. It was originally included in The Rising Sun Collection, which is why the design has distinct Asian elements. The AK Hydroponic look was released at the start of Operation Bloodhound. Its rarity is Classified, which makes it scarce but more common than Covert items.

Description Of The Pattern

The color palette is dominated by white and neon green. The central part of the weapon is adorned with bamboo branches painted in gray and green. Their location depends on the pattern index. This part also features a small image of a monkey next to the buttstock with the encryption “Deadly Kabuki”.

The body of the rifle contrasts with its other parts. The handguard and buttstock are made of wood, the pistol grip is solid brown, and the magazine is painted a gray metallic. Glossy green accents complement the combination. Overall, this is a classy design.

Effect Of Float

Effect of Float

You can find this skin in all conditions, as its float value ranges from 0.00 to 0.80. Slight abrasions appear on the body at the Minimal Wear stage. Over time, their number and size grow and paint peels from the magazine.

Skin Features

All versions of AK-47 Hydroponic are basic. The prices range between $500 and $1,500 for Battle-Scarred and Factory New, respectively. Savvy users can snatch attractive bargains on third-party sites.

For example, DMarket has one of the lowest prices for the Factory New condition — around $1,190. It also features the best offer for a Field-Tested skin, according to Steam Analyst. This look will set you back only around $505. On Steam, you would pay virtually the same price for the highest level of wear.

Where To Buy

Where to Buy

All conditions of the AK-47 Hydroponic are available on Steam. Yet, as you can see, the marketplace does not always have the most competitive prices. It also works as a closed environment without withdrawals, which deters many sellers. In recent years, millions of players have turned to third-party markets for more convenient and flexible trading.

DMarket is one of the most prominent and reliable platforms of this kind. Established in 2017, it has already processed over 10 million deals. More than one million skins are available with flexible payments and guaranteed security. Members can trade items without depositing them to the platform, as the system connects to their Steam accounts. This blockchain-based environment works with over 20 methods, from Visa to Bitcoin.

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