Broadband Genie has put together a list of vintage tech. The tech shown in the infographic below has all risen in value. Have you ever found something valuable lying around your house? It might be time to have a second search to find some of the big-ticket items.

The infographic shows that Apple I computer has increased by 522 times its original price. To put that in perspective that would be like a modern-day MacBook Pro costing $1,789,649!

Take a look through the list to see how many of the tech products you can identify. Do you remember owning any of these back in the day?

Broadband Genie

Benefits of using Broadband Genie

Let’s look at some of the benefits that you will get by using Broadband Genie.

Hassle-free services– Broadband Genie is run by a team of experts. They collect all the information about the internet providers in your area to give you a hassle-free service.

Unbiased comparison–  As Broadband Genie is an independent service, they are not biased by any of the providers they have listed in their comparison list. You’ll always get unbiased and correct information from their site.

Save your money– The most important benefit of using Broadband Genie is that you can save your money by using their service! As they compare and show the most appropriate packs that you are looking for, it saves you from breaking your bank.

Wide coverage– Broadband Genie covers almost 95% of the market by listing all the major ISPs. They also list smaller to give their users more options in their hands.

Broadband Genie helps you in many ways. It will save you from confusion and your money both when choosing a broadband service. So, try Broadband Genie before buying your next broadband package.

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