Not getting a proper connection can be a significant problem. And because of poor signal strength, people face losses at their companies. And this also happens with the people working from home. So, there has to be a solution. And the only solution is to boost the network.

Boosting is increasing the value of something or giving strength to it. As we talk about expanding the wifi signals, the wifi connectivity has become poor, so we need to refresh it, aka boost it.

There are various ways to boost the wifi signals, out of which we will use the best ways to improve the signal quality. To know the steps and ways – keep reading this article.

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Boost Your Home WiFi Signal with the Right Router

WiFi Signal

Some children attend online classes at home, and parents work from home. Also, some families are interested in playing online games as well. All of these require a good internet connection. Without a proper signal strength, nothing can be done.

People who already have an internet connection at home must also boost their connection. With time it needs to be refreshed. There are several ways by which you can boost your home wifi signal. Go through each of them.

  1. Upgrade
  2. Move your router
  3. Switch to wireless mesh for better connectivity and coverage
  4. Check the antennas and wifi receivers
  5. Update the router firmware
  6. Change the channel of your wifi
  7. Place it in a central position

Let us know these points in brief.

1. Upgrade Your Router from Normal to 802.11ac or 802.11ax

The easiest way to boost your router is to upgrade it. A normal router usually works properly for 4 to 5 years; after that, it must be changed or upgraded. We need to do this upgrade because the older wifi standards have different power and potential than the modern routers do.

2. Move Your Router for Better Performance

Moving the router from one place to another will help with better performance of the router. Walls, metal objects, and floors are very bad for connectivity as the signals are wireless. Obstructions will cause very poor connectivity, and it also leads to overheating of the router.

Check the signal strength every time you change the position of the router. Then it would be easy for you to understand which place suits you better for a good connectivity.

3. Switch to Wireless Mesh

Wireless mesh wifi connection has the most amazing connectivity. If you have a mesh wifi connection at your home, know it has great consistency throughout your house.


Mesh wifi networks come at varying prices, depending on the area it has to cover. Wireless mesh connections cover a wider area compared to normal wifi connections. It can also be extended.

4. Check the Antennas and Wifi Receivers

Router antennas are omnidirectional. This means that they can broadcast in all directions. Suppose your wifi connection is placed outside the wall. In that case, eventually, the people outside enjoy free internet access more than you do. Many routers have removable antennas too.

5. Update the Router Firmware

Before checking anything else, it’s better to update the router firmware first. The manufacturers are required to check the website often, especially if the router needs to be updated.

To simplify your work, here are some steps you need to follow while updating the firmware.

  1. Get your router’s IP address via the IPconfig command.
  2. Check for it in the windows.
  3. Sign in to your router.
  4. Search where the firmware update setting is.
  5. Once found, let the update process begin.
  6. Install the updated firmware.

6. Change the Channel of Your Wifi’

You might have a question about whether changing the channel will improve the signal performance or not. Yes, it will. Selection of the proper channel will significantly improve the signal strength, coverage, and performance.

This may sound tricky, but you don’t have to worry. Here are some easy steps to be followed for changing the channel.

  1. Open any web browser (it can be on your phone, Mac, laptop, or pc).
  2. You will see an address bar on top of that page. Type your IP address over there.
    (Note: many routers have stickers that show the IP address, username, and password – named as Router login details). If you have a branded router, it will show you the Admin’s name and password.
  3. All routers have their unique numbers. For example – http://123.456.1.1. Your router will also have its own. There are different terminologies used by different routers. But the numeric code will look the same as mentioned above. There can be some routers that do not have stickers to show the details. So you can check the documents that have come with the router.
  4. After entering the details and completing the steps, open Wireless settings. You will find this after Advanced settings.
  5. Turn off the Auto Connect option. That is used for the wireless settings option.
  6. Click on channels. Here, I suggest you choose channels 1, 6, or 11 as they have less crowd than other channels.
  7. Click on save or apply. And here, your process is over.

7. Place it in a Central Position

Home WiFi Signal

The main reason to place your wifi routers in central positions is that it will cover the overall area of your house. If, in case, you have set the wifi outside the window, then it means you are broadcasting the outer as well as the inner world. Find the most centric place in your house and put the wifi connection over there, so it becomes easy for you to sit anywhere for work without any signal disturbance.


In this post you will get a lot of information on wifi routers – what to buy, where to place and how to upgrade. Read the entire article for best knowledge. You may also visit the link mentioned above for more information on routers.

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