The BlackBerry Priv was launched by BlackBerry in November 2015. The phone was the last smartphone manufactured by BlackBerry. The phone had initially launched with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS and later got updated to the Android Marshmallow OS next year. However, BlackBerry has today confirmed that this smartphone will not be getting the Android Nougat OS update.

The news comes from Alex Thurber, the GM of BlackBerry Mobility Solutions. Thurber stated that it took a lot of efforts to get the BlackBerry Priv updated from Android Lollipop OS to Android Marshmallow OS. It required all the partners getting on the same boat and working towards the same cause. While this was difficult for the Android Marshmallow update, it is next to impossible for the Android Nougat OS update.

Considering that BlackBerry Priv launched two years ago, it was rather unlikely that it would be getting the Android Nougat OS update any way. However, this comes as the last nail on the head for BlackBerry Priv.

The phone carries quite a historic significance too as the BlackBerry Priv was the last phone to be manufactured by BlackBerry themselves. BlackBerry was in deep financial troubles around the time the BlackBerry Priv came out. Priv was BlackBerry’s final attempt to get back into the smartphone markets but that didn’t really work out the way they planned.

Following the release of the BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry adapted to a licensing model where they would license other manufacturers to create smartphones under the BlackBerry brand name. TCL was among the biggest players  to create the phone with the BlackBerry brand in most of the global markets. India and Indonesia had their own regional players using the BlackBerry brand.

BlackBerry is known for timely updates. However, it is sad that their last smartphone will not be getting another update. Stay tuned with us for more details on Android OS updates.