Very few has been successful to lay hands on the first of this kind BlackBerry phone. Initially it was only BlackBerry’s CEO who could play around with the BlackBerry Priv. Later-on some super lucky souls could lay their eyes on BlackBerry Priv, and even luckier ones (few) could lay their hands on the phone.

Blackberry Priv Leaked Image Confirmed

These revelations on BlackBerry Priv have been done in an article published on which managed to get some very unknown specs of the phone. They have managed to lat their hands on the reproduction unit ONLY. However, they have clearly stated that the features might differ from the actual phone that will be launched. As said by the CEO earlier, they have agreed to launch Android OS based phone as they have matched the security standard.Thus it has been named BlackBerry Priv.

BlackBerry Priv has a massive 5.4 curved inches display. It has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (544 ppi). It will be hard to say the device doesn’t have a full HD display. When compared to the curved edges of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, BlackBerry Priv’s curve is probably ~50% to the former. It can not be classified as thin, is probably far from that.

The BlackBerry Priv is suited for working smoothly on right and left handed people, keeping is mind the enormous display I suppose. The left panel has the Power Button while the right panel has Volume Buttons. The phone is devoid of any navigation button like any other Android phone. The Priv is supposed to be giving a sturdy grip because of the backpanel which is made up of mixed materials which includes kalvar. My experience from using a slider phone says there might be dust in the slight space between the screen and the keyboard.

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The keyboard of BlackBerry Priv is QWERTY. The buttons are small, yet differentiable by touch. It will definitely take a lot of time to get used to it. But if you have used this kind earlier, wont be much of an issue for you. The buttons have been marked in English. The company might provide different layout depending on the market the handset will be hitting.

BlackBerry Priv will be operating on Android 5.1 Lollipop. BlackBerry Priv is expected to give you pure Android feel. There has been very slight changes to the UI. As said earlier, the absence of navigation buttons has brought the selection menu for onscreen keyboard.


Apart from that, other tech end specs are 64-bit Snapdragon 808 processor and 3 GB RAM (as we mentioned in our earlier post). They have decided to five you 32 GB of internal storage, out of which 22 GB is accessible. It comes with an option of expandable storage, just in case.

In terms of wireless connectivity, BlackBerry Priv offers 4G (LTE), Bluetooth, NFC and microUSB 2.0. The beast will come with a 18 MP camera with a dual-tone LED Flash. The front camera is 5 MP. The AnTuTu benchmarks of the phone puts it in a healthy competition with HTC M8 and OnePlus One. The reproduction unit had some distinctive lags, which we are sure will be resolved before the device is launched officially.

BlackBerry Priv will be a good option to migrate to if you are worried about your apps. The manufacturers will let you import user data from iPhones as well as BlackBerry phone (versions 5.0 and above). Priv is customized with it’s own apps like BlackBerry Messenger, Contact Messenger and Safe Guard. BlackBerry Messenger needs no formal introduction, but Safe Guard will allow you to analyse your security relevant setting and provide relevant score. The usual Google Apps will be there no doubt.

The 18 MP beast hasn’t been successful to impress though. The lens takes some time to focus. Despite the optical image stabilization, the shutter speed was slow. Thus impacted the quality of the pictured clicked.  The battery is very decent and impressive. Keeping a brightness ~75 %, the BlackBerry Priv is expected to last atleast a day or more. Audio quality and signal strength during calls is also fine.

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