Microsoft’s Bing Search has been around for quite a long while. The search engine was expected to be the gen-next search engine for the modern day users. However, it turned out to be a rather colossal disappointment. Microsoft has not given up on this project yet. The company has now introduced a major update to the Bing Search app for Android in an attempt to lure more users.

This seems like a desperate attempt from Microsoft to get more users on-board. The app has received a major makeover where everything has been revamped. The UI has been updated to a more colorful one, and now looks simpler and easier to use. This makeover makes the Bing Search app for Android user-friendly compared to its previous iteration which was rather complex. This update also brings in easier access to images, videos, as well as other search results.

In addition to updating the UI of the of the Bing Search app for Android, Microsoft has also introduced numerous other changes such as showing trending GIFs. It also allows users to save them. Moreover, the Bing Search app for Android now shows ‘richer’ results, meaning it provides the users with reviews and ratings, and more relevant and context aware information than ever before.

Another major feature that has been introduced with the update is that of customization. Bing Search app for Android now allows a greater level of customization than ever before. Font style, font size and even the background of the search can now be tweaked to provide you with a custom experience for better reading. Microsoft has also introduced a number of bug fixes as well as brought forward an improvement to the speed of the search. If you need a refreshing new search experience, you should totally try out this app. Stay tuned with us for more updates.