On average, over 6,000 apps are released every single day. That would be an insane amount of downloads in order to find a few gems. Luckily, we’ve done some digging for you.

On your phone, there’s probably a few apps that have been there for a while. But are there better apps that you could be using? Keep reading as we present those diamond Smartphone Apps that you could be using.

8 Of the Best Smartphone Apps 

Out with the old and in with the new. These smartphone apps range from photo editors to daily messaging services and even voice recorders!

Time to clear up some space, hit the X on some overstayed guests and start working with these much-needed upgrades.

1. Camera+ Legacy

The camera app is iconic, sure. But is it really the best photo capturing option? 

The normal camera app doesn’t allow you to do things like adjusting focus, changing exposure, or altering light balance…but with Camera+ Legacy, you can.

Take your phone camera to the next level. For the photographers out there, this is a must-have. 

This app also allows you to override the zoom feature. Kick your camera up to 6x digital zoom. 

Don’t worry about photos either, because the app can sync with iCloud so you don’t have to stress about losing your stellar content. 

2. Afterlight

After you’ve captured some great photos, you may want to do some editing. Everyone will tell you, the build in photo-editor, within the standard photo app, is garbage.

Whether it’s cropping, adding a frame, or applying a filter, the Afterlight app has you covered.

This app has over 75 filters and over a hundred other tools for photo customization. That’s a lot of options! 

Make your photos exactly how you want them while on the go. No more struggling to find an Instagram filter that kinda-sorta works, but wasn’t entirely what you wanted. 

3. GroupMe

There’s always frustration between iPhone messengers and Android messengers.

Some messages are blue while others are green, sometimes you can add a group name other times you can’t. Some allow for fun easter eggs like balloons or fireworks while others have a set type of emoji. 

If you’re looking to get your family or friends all on the same page and same platform, check out GroupMe.

GroupMe is great because it doesn’t matter what type of smartphone people are using. With this app, everyone can stay in touch, share funny memes, and do tons of interactive options without having to worry about brand crossing issues. 

Yay for togetherness! 

4. Voice Recorder 

The voice memo app and other voice recorder apps are significantly disappointing. 

Not only do they look out of date, but they also operate like we’re still at the dawn of the scientific revolution. 

Upgrade your voice app with Voice Recorder

Not only does this app record higher quality audio, but it’s way more organized and easy to use. 

Don’t settle for under quality recordings anymore. Don’t let your shopping list or that concert recital or precious words to a loved one be lost in static or choppy audio!

5. Newton Mail

You know how there’s the work email, the school email, the fun email, that back-pocket spam email, and that email you made for your dog…

People often have a lot of emails, and keeping track of them all let alone remembering to check the right one can get crazy confusing.

We recommend Newton Mail. 

This smartphone app allows you to check, organize, and utilize all of your emails from one location.

With Newtown Mail, you can say goodbye to having to log in three different times. Say goodbye to forgetting that one password. And say goodbye to checking the wrong account. 

Newton Mail is simple, organized, and proficient! 

6. Openwhyd 

People love music, and most standard music apps aren’t too bad.

But what happens when you hear a song on Youtube or Vimeo? Or if you want to create and then share a playlist with a close friend? 

The Openwhyd app allows you to download, save, create playlists, share, and listen to music anywhere. 

No more having to use some website to find and save the songs you like, then apply it to iTunes, then transfer it to your phone. 

With this smartphone app, everything’s all in one place and easy to use. 

7. Chrome

If you’re still using Safari, we’re sorry. 

If you’re using an off-brand browser, well then we’re also sorry. 

Google is a major player in most of our lives, and the Chrome app helps capitalize on that. 

Google’s Chrome runs faster, operates easier, and organizes things page layout and browser access better than any other web browser. It’s already synced with popular social outlets and all sites are optimized for Google, so using the Google browser only makes sense.

Don’t hold yourself back in using something that’s underwhelming, snag Google Chrome. 

8. Evernote

We’ve all woken up at 3 am with that wildly brilliant idea, grabbed our phones and typed in our notes app so it’s saved for the morning. 

Then you wake up, the idea is less than fantastic as you read it in the daylight, but you save it anyway because one day maybe it’ll rise back to its phantasmagorical form. 

But unless you go back through your notes and check up on old stuff like that, you might lose it.

One of the biggest problems with note apps is synchronization. With the Evernote app, every brilliant idea of yours can be saved to one place. 

No more having to wonder if you wrote something on your computer or phone. Or if you saved it in one note app or another. 

Evernote also allows you to create lists, add images, organize ideas by hashtags and even create separate notebooks. 

Don’t use a standard scratch-pad app for your ideas. You might lose those. Put everything in one, organized place like Evernote. 

More Apps

If you’re looking for the next best app to install or other apps you to check out, head on over to our apps page. We’ve got tons of content there to keep your smartphone apps up to date! 

If you’d like to say hi or want to see an article on a specific topic, feel to reach out and contact us. We’re here for all your tech and gadget needs! 

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