Sometimes while watching a movie on your PC, you might want to hook it up to a speaker on your table while you lie on your bed. However, what if you want to move to the next file, or increase or decrease the volume? Do you get off your bed and go to your PC? What if we tell you you can control your PC using Android phones! Yes, it’s true and can be done via PC remote apps.

Not only do these apps only allow you to adjust your volume or change tracks/etc, you can also browse your PC using some of them and start the apps that you want. Most of them also act as a cursor and help you control everything on your PC. They also act as remote keyboards, and an important tool during presentation helping you switch slides as you speak. Let us now look at the best PC remote apps of 2017 on the Google Play Store.

Best PC Remote Apps of 2017

Unified Remote

One of the best PC remote apps when it comes to Android smartphones, the Unified Remote has been around for a long while. The app allows the users to easily control their PC in the same Wi-Fi network or by connecting via Bluetooth. It allows the users to set up a number of ‘remotes’.

These remotes are basic mouse and keyboard input, a file manager via which the users can browse the files on their phone and just tap to open them on the PC. It comes with a media remote which allows the users to control the media playback, and a power remote which lets you shut down, sleep or reboot your PC. There’s also a remote screen viewer available for premium users.

Download Unified Remote

Monect PC Remote

Monect PC remote allows your Android smartphone to become a keyboard, a mouse, a gamepad, etc. Another unique feature of this app which makes it one of the best PC remote apps for Android devices is the fact that it comes with a unique system which allows you to create your own custom remote and share it too. You can mix and match various types of controls on to one screen. It also allows projecting the phone’s screen on your PC’s monitor, which is another interesting feature of this app.

Download Monect PC Remote

Remote Link from ASUS

ASUS has been among the biggest names when it comes to the world of smartpohone technology. The company also has a PC remote app for Android users which allows the users to easily control their PC using their phone. The app is called Remote Link. In the past it was only meant for ASUS devices but seeing its overwhelming popularity, ASUS opened it up for all users. Its support for Android Wear devices gives it a unique advantage over many other similar apps.

Download Remote Link

PC Remote (Beta)

The Windows 10 Mobile OS is one of the most ‘dead’ Operating Systems in recent memory. With a market share of less than 1%, very few apps tend to find success there. The PC Remote (Beta) app is the Android version of the Windows Phone app. It comes with a number of basic features which make it the perfect lightweight PC remote app to control your PC using your phone. It allows controlling a number of media functions and apps, including Microsoft’s Zune. Developers promise of more features such as file transfer and custom remote to be coming soon.

Download PC Remote (Beta)

Chrome Remote Desktop

The Chrome Remote Desktop application is a simple, easy to use solution for those who want to control their screen from their phone. Installing the Chrome remote desktop plugin on your Chrome browser on your PC will allow you to remotely control your PC from your phone. Contrary to popular opinion, you can control the entire PC and not just the browser. A must try app for anyone looking forward towards a remote desktop solution on their phone.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Mouse

Sometimes, there’s a need of complex remote apps which come with a number of features and are loaded with options. However, some times, there’s a need of a simple app which has only one function – that of a mouse. The Remote Mouse app on the Google Play Store is among the best PC remote apps for android users who need only a mouse. While it might appear as a mouse-only app, it is actually a multipurpose app wihtIt also comes with a couple of other features such as a media player add-on which is quite handy. This app supports a customizable interface and comes with smart controls.

Download Remote Mouse

TeamViewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer is among the most popular solutions when it comes to remote desktop apps for PC. They also have an Android app which works like a charm, allowing the users to easily take control of their PC. This is among the best PC remote apps and it allows the users to take complete control of their PC screen on their phone.

Team Viewer for Remote Control allows much more beyond regular remote access. It allows sound and video transmissions, it allows two way transfer of files and a high level of security to ensure your computer is not accessed by someone you don’t intend to.

Download Team Viewer for Remote Control

Microsoft Remote Desktop

An Android app that allows you to control your PC, which comes from Microsoft. This is another of those apps which was popular with the users of Windows 10 Mobile OS smartphones but is also available in Android devices. This is an official Windows feature which is available only on Pro and Server editions. The app functions in a manner pretty similar to Chrome Remote Desktop but has a much smoother interface.

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop

VLC Mobile Remote

The VLC Media Player is among the most popular names when it comes to media playback across platforms. The company also has a mobile remote app which allows you to control the media playback on your PC using your phone. It also allows you to browse your PC for playable files, as well as play videos from YouTube. It works directly with the VLC media player and does not need you installing ‘server’ apps which most other apps need you to.

The app auto connects to the VLC media player whenever you’re on the same Wi-Fi network. VLC claims it is as fast and responsive as a regular TV remote. The app is pretty convenient to use and allows the users to save ‘favourite folders’ for quick access. A must have app if you like to use remote control only for media playback.

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