A lot of data analysis experts have found that the sales of Newspapers have fallen by 50% in a lot of countries. The percentage of decline is more in developed nations over developing nations. So, where have the Newspaper readers gone? They are still at the same place they used to be, just that, they’ve replaced the Newspaper with a News reader apps.

Best News Reader Apps

In this age of social media, we often doubt the credibility of news unless it comes from trusted sources. News reader apps provide users with a set of multiple sources from where they like to read their news, curated under one app. The number of news reader apps are on a rise, but here’s a list of the 15 best news reader apps for users of Android smartphones.

15 Best News Reader Apps

There are many news reader apps on the Google Play Store but it is important to have the apps which are functional. I’ve used some apps which still shows the news of 2010 in the latest news section. Also, having the best apps not only help you with the latest news, but it also allows you to get news which is real (credibility), getting credible updates will save your time and save you from clickbait sites.


Feedly is among the most popular names when it comes to RSS styled news reader apps. It is among the last few of RSS-based applications. It offers a large number of features and supports cross-platform support with a number of browsers. Feedly is one of the best news reader apps as it also provides abilities to integrate with apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote, etc. The app allows you to search and add sources that you like your news content from, and you will then be displayed content from these sources.

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gReader is simple to use, and fast. This RSS-based news reader provides the users with a number of themes, as well as offline support. gReader is among the best news reader apps for Android devices as it also offers Podcast support. It comes with an RSS Reader, The Old Reader, as well as Feedly Cloud. It also has a tablet-optimized UI, as well as night mode that allows you to read without straining your eyes. Voice-reading is also supported where your news is read out to you.

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Flipboard is among the most popular and best news reader apps for Android devices. It has recently received a major revamp to their UI, and the app is one of the best-looking news reader apps. It allows users to find some of the most popular online sources of news and get their content in the feed. It also offers a daily edition, and the UI is adapted well on tablets too. Podcasts are also supported.

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News Republic

The app comes with an intelligent algorithm that displays content as per the interest of the user. It sources news items from over 2500 international media houses and news wires. The News Republic app comes with a material design and offers the users with over a million topics and categories. The News Republic is one of the most popular and best news readers for Android devices.

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Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo’s news reader application, the Yahoo News Digest offers the users with two summaries from global events – one in the morning and another in the evening. All the stories are curated from multiple sources to ensure all the information is conveyed.  These news stories come with key quotes, images, videos, maps, infographics, and Wikipedia excerpts among others. It offers a clean and visually appealing UI.

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Another popular name when it comes to the best news reader apps for Android, Press has been pulled down from the Play Store for some countries. However, ever since Google Reader went away, Press has been a reliable source for tracking all your news stories at one place. What made the app special was that it was fast and lightweight. It comes with a dark mode as well, and also conserves the battery.

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Google News and Weather

A mix of the Google Newsstand and the Google Reader – Google News and Weather provides the users with all the latest updates when it comes to the news, as well as the weather. It also shows some recommended stories based on your Google usage. It is one of the best news readers that comes directly from Google!

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Inoreader comes with one of the best long-term content archiving solutions. The app comes with a discovery mode that allows the users to come from various news sources and trending items. Feeds can be grouped in folders, and organization is a strong suite of this news reader app. Inoreader also allows subscribing to Twitter and Google+ feeds. Articles can be shared onto social networks as well. Content on the Inoreader is stored permanently.

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A simple, fast and intuitive app developed by the creators of gReader. The focus on this app is that of the UX and UI. It comes with a design that has been created keeping in mind the needs of the modern day users. It comes with a material design and has been quite popular especially after Google put the Google Reader away.

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Google Play Newsstand

The Google Play Newsstand comes from Google – an app that allows you to get a stream of news articles sourced from different sources. The app has just been revamped and offers a much better UI as well as recommendations. The app also acts as a magazine stand where you can buy your favorite e-magazines from. The Google Play Newsstand is undoubtedly one of the best news reader apps when it comes to Android.

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News 360

A news reader app with over 100,000 sources, News 360 offers a great user experience. The app allows users to follow the websites, news sources, and blogs that they like and fetches and lists all the latest posts in a common stream. The app can identify your interests and suggest you other websites or news articles that you might enjoy reading.

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Like a link on the interwebs but don’t have time to read it right now? Pocket it! One of the best apps when it comes to storing links for offline reading, the pocket is a life-saver for those who don’t like to miss out on content they come across on the web. The app is not an RSS-based reader but qualifies to be a news reader app as it does let you read the news. You can also follow your friends and influencers on the platform who share interesting links!

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An app that comes out with a minimal, clean interface for viewing news content. SmartNews is one of the best news reader apps for Android smartphones. It sorts stories under various headings and also allows the users to create custom channels from a pre-set collection of news sources. It provides you with periodic updates of fresh news content.

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UC News

UC news is one of the best news reader apps especially in the Asian and Indian regions. It offers compensation to the publishers. Users can follow channels and subscribe to stories. It is almost like a social network for news. The UI is commendable, as it has been crafted for the Asian and Indian users who tend to get slow internet speeds. Users can switch to night mode, or save the article for reading it later.

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NewsTab Reader

The NewsTab reader is an Android app that allows the users to gather news from various sources into one stream. Users can add websites, blogs, twitter hashtags, Google alert, Google news topics, and they would get a streamlined flow of information as and when a new story emerges. It supports video news and podcasts as well.

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