When the internet was invented, it was initially used either by the scientists or the military. However, over time it spread to the masses. While we have the knowledge of the entire world at our fingertips, arguably the most popular thing on the internet right now is memes. Yes, we chose pictures of cats eating cheeseburgers from an ocean of infinite knowledge! Memes have become a big part of our culture.


Android, on the other hand, is one among the popular smartphone operating systems. You will find a lot of meme generators on the Google Play Store, but we’ll help you select the best meme generator for your android. To help you make even more nice memes, Here’s the list of 15 best meme generators for android phone.

15 Best Meme Generators for Android Devices

Memes have become a big part of our culture, On that note, let us take a look at the top 15 meme generators for Android OS.

1. Memedroid

1-memedroid Meme Generators for Android

What screams Meme Generator for Android better than an app named memedroid! The app is not only one of the best meme generators for Android devices, but for all platforms! Rated over 4 stars by over 41,000 users, the Memedroid app allows the users to browse through memes, as well as create and share their own memes. While other apps are all about making and sharing memes, Memedroid stands tall as it is a genuinely funny platform where memes and GIFs are shared, as well as created!

2. Meme Creator

2-meme-creator Meme Generators for Android

An app which simply does what its name is! Meme creator is one of the best meme creators for the Android OS. It features a gallery of over 600 templates which the users can make use of to make their favourite memes! Memeing is an art, and the Meme Creator app helps the users practice it really well. It is rated 4 stars out of 5, and has been reviewed by nearly 35,000 people, making it one of the highest rated meme generators for Android!

Meme Creator
Meme Creator
Developer: Gentoozero
Price: Free

3. Instameme: Meme Generator

3-instameme Meme Generators for Android

While there are a large number of apps that offer the users an easy way to make memes on their Android devices, what separates Instameme from the rest of the meme generators is the fact that it offers the users with a much better UI compared to various other similar apps.

The layout of Instameme is inspired from Instagram, and hence the name.

Instameme: Meme Generator
Instameme: Meme Generator

4. Be Like Bill Generator

4-be-like-bill-generator Meme Generators for Android

Over the years, when a meme becomes popular, it eventually gets its own dedicated app. The “This is bill. Bill is (insert something witty here).

Be like Bill.” memes really picked steam, and became the talk of the memeing community. It is indeed an interesting app.

Be like Bill generator
Be like Bill generator
Developer: App.ba
Price: Free+

5. Mematic: Make Your Own Meme


Another popular app when it comes to Meme Generators for Android devices, Mematic offers the users with a large variety of templates. The UI too, is quite pleasant and ‘clean’ – something that we rarely see in meme generator apps, as they are usually quite cluttered and shady looking.

6. Meme Generator

6-meme-generator-meme-generators-for-androidA meme generating app named meme generator! What more do you want? With a library of over 700 pre-loaded meems, and the option to create custom memes, the app allows the users to do much more than most other apps! It allows the users to create some densely complex and the dankest of dank memes with up to 10 captions being allowed! Multiple memes can be integrated into one as ‘multi-panel memes’. It does not even have a watermark on images! Indeed one of the best apps.

Meme Generator
Meme Generator
Price: $2.99

7. Memes Editor Photos


An Android Meme Generator app that has an easy to use layout, and allows the users to create a diverse amount of memes, this app is indeed one of the best apps for generation of memes on an Android smartphone!

What makes it stand apart is that it allows the users to add rage faces and various other memeworthy images on top of your photos. Do give this app a try!

Memes Editor
Memes Editor
Developer: Binho Mobile
Price: Free



Yes, yes, before you start with all your outrage – we do know that GIPHY is not a meme creator app. However, over the past few years, the app has been rising in popularity and the GIPHY editor is one of the best tools someone with no knowledge of image editing can make use of to add memeworthy text and other similar effects to a photo! In addition to that, it is the biggest collection of GIFs on the internet – so you now know where to go if you want to search for the perfect meme to answer a meme!

9. Meme Pro

9-meme-pro-meme-generators-for-androidWhat makes an app truly special is how can a person who is literally ‘the lowest common denominator’ make use of the services provided by the app. When it comes to simplicity and ease of use, we give Meme Pro full marks! The app offers a very simple interface, and it doesn’t even have a material look, which makes it even more ‘familiar’ to the users. It has a pro version which makes it ad-free!

Meme Pro
Meme Pro
Price: Free

10. Meme Builder


A definite pick among top Meme Generators for Android, which allows the users to create their memes. The app allows the users to do pretty much what any other Meme generator on android allows plus, the ability to click images straight from the camera! In addition to that, this app comes with a full-screen mode, as well as one-click social share. This is something we strongly recommend the users to try out.

Meme Builder
Meme Builder
Price: Free

11. Meme Generator (Old Design)


Another app named meme generator, but this is one of the most popular names when it comes to meme generators for Android. The app provides the users with the ability to create memes, share memes, or save it on the SD card. When it comes to the visual style, the app exceeds all expectations and gives the dank memers quite the look! It has flashy and vibrant colors, and memeworthy backgrounds. This app has the feel of being ‘the complete package’. Do give it a shot!

Meme Generator (old design)
Meme Generator (old design)

12. GATM Meme Generator


GATM – stands for Generate All The Memes. It allows the users to select a meme template, and then add text on top of it. Following that, the users can share the image, and then use it wherever they want. It also allows the users to create memes using their own custom images. It also features a pro version! The only difference between the free and the paid versions is that the free version features watermarks.

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13. Thug Life Photo Editor Maker


Anyone who has not been living under a rock is likely to have come across the Thug Life videos and memes in the past couple of months! The app provides the users with the perfect platform to make these memes! It is also THE most highest rated app in this list, with over 73,000 people having voted it over 4 stars! It provides the users with a variety of ‘gangsta’ elements to add to the picture!

14. Straight Outta Meme Maker


Remember when Straight Outta memes were cool? If you want to give yourself a little dose of the good old nostalgia, give this app a shot. This is a great, easy, simple app to generate the straight-outta-somewhere memes.


15. Ololoid Meme Generator


The Ololoid Meme Generator is yet another name in the massive list of the best Meme Generators for Android! The app provides the users with a large number of memes, and comes with over 900 templates! Users can add their own images, or make use of the exiting templates It allows up to 3 lines of text, and is a really cool app for making memes on Android devices.

Ololoid Meme Generator
Ololoid Meme Generator
Developer: olodroid.com
Price: Free+